Consulting Services

My consulting work focuses on three things:

  1. Adding Value – Successful businesses provide value. I look for ways to help you offer more value to your customers. Whether developing new product lines, adding Internet-based services, or wherever else our collaboration leads us, my focus is on getting to know your business and your customers and increasing the value of what you offer.
  2. Improving Efficiency – Successful businesses value efficiency. I look for ways to help your business work more efficiently by using technologies and the Internet to reduce costs and eliminate waste. As we work together, I keep the objectives and focus of your business in mind, looking for ways to help you perform more efficiently and offer a better experience to the customers you serve.
  3. Extending Reach – Successful businesses have reach. I look for ways to help your business extend its reach by using the Internet to introduce you to new customers. I help you find potential customers who didn’t know you exist, give them a reason to care, turn their care into a conversation, and turn that conversation into a successful, profitable relationship.

Most of the work I do is through the lens of WordPress. The majority of my working time is spent investing in WordPress through XWP.

I occasionally take on WordPress-specific consulting engagements. If you’ve got a project in mind where you think I can be of help, let me know.