“Girls go wold”.. and other search terms..

Apparently someone was deeply disappointed after searching on google for “girls go wold” and finding my site. Perhaps they should type a bit slower next time so they don’t hit the ‘o’ instead of the ‘i’ ;). My friend Matt Geri and I were having some fun looking over some of the search terms we’ve been getting.

My site is also getting traffic for the search term “Brian Watkins”.. which is for the site of a good friend of mine at http://www.brianwatkins.net :).

Run a search for “scary websites” on MSN.com and you’ll get a link to The Startup Blog which is a tad odd, but very interesting ;).

So, discounting the few very strange people out there who would look for girls that have gone ‘wold’.. (Any idea what that means?).. I’m very interested in how I would connect my work, through my websites, my writings, etc.. with those who would actually be interested in reading about it. People don’t know to search for my name.. so how can I connect with them?

Every time I talk with Matt, some tip or another out of his wealth of SEO goodness will rub off on me and it gets me to thinking. For me its not just about getting a high ranking but about connecting with people. I want to be able to connect with those who have no idea who I am and who probably wouldn’t care, but can relate to what I have to say and can maybe be inspired.

So! At 2:30 in the morning, I’m thinking about SEO ;). I’m going to be doing some work on my main website.. that is.. the personal website of jonathan/a> :). I have a few subtle changes to make to its look and some major changes to make to its structure. I want to PHP Template a lot more of the site so that making sitewide changes become easier in the future. I did a VERY good job of structuring content, so it won’t be all that painful.. it’ll just be some work ;).

I’m thinking of trying my hand at a Photoshop tutorial! Anyone interested?

Well, I’m off to get some sleep. Ahh.. Yoyo called me today! My phone is completely over its minutes and I found out a little too late that listening to voicemail ALSO counts as using your minutes.. how sneaky is that?! If it doesn’t (I’ll know by tomorrow).. I have some sneaky little person slowly using up minutes on my phone while I’m sleeping.. I have a 1000 minute plan and 2 weeks into the month I managed to use 996 of them.. don’t ask :P.. time zone messed me up ;).

Alright, this crazy kid is off to BED.. Oh yeah, and I had a nice chat with Brandon Watts today before I had to get back to work on Amae’s site. He’s a really nice young man and has QUITE a few accomplishments to his name. I look forward to getting to know him better. We both share a deep interest in writing.

Goodnight world!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Working on graphics with Amae and planning out the week!

Basketball!!… and then headaches..

Ok.. its 12:24.. I have a pounding headache which has been going at me for a few hours now.. I took a reallly intense hot/cold/hot/cold/hot/cold/hot/cold shower and I felt much better for awhile.. now its worse :P. Soo.. even though I had quite a day, albeit a very lazy one.. I can’t remember much!

I do know that I slept till 11.. my eyes had been bugging me very badly from WAYY too much time on the computer. So I slept, did some drafting on paper of some new sites to work on.. and then I went to the beach!

I was gone and played basketball for THREE HOURS!.. Man, it was awesome!.. Now, putting up with the language was a bit annoying. Here we are, playing 3 on 3.. a couple of older guys and a couple of guys my age.. and the bad words are just FLYING. Everyone but me was cussing left and right, as they made shots, as they missed them, as they got them stolen away by a certain long armed boy.. *grins*.. and so on! Its not something I want to get used to hearing either.

Anyways, besides that it was a lot of fun! I haven’t played a REAL game since Matt Geri and I were roommates, and that was only 1 on 1. I haven’t played a 3 on 3 or more for over a year!

…now the headaches.. well, the main reason is that I didn’t drink water those entire 3 hours. BAD Jonathan, I know.. my girlfriend gave me a short talk about how its important to drink before hand and then just smalll amounts during… hehe, thanks dear! ;)

So other than that, I did almost NONE of my tasks today. I have a list that’s entirely unchecked. I did do a lot of planning on Amae’s site though.. so all and all the day was good :).

..I needed a break too. Just doing the same old list deal day after day after day gets rough. So we’ll see how I do tomorrow :).

Alright, this boy needs to get some rest.. my head is reallly hurting.

Goodnight world!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Playing basketball at the beach and working on Amae’s site

Newsletter is OUT!

BOOya that was a lot of work! Check out the latest issue of the Youthcove.com Newsletter! Its not the prettiest that it could be, but I put some serious work into it! Anyone interested in redesigning it (with simplicity in mind) let me know ;).

I did another painting today! This time its another flower for Amae’s site. I don’t like it QUITE as much as the last one I did, but its still cool! Check it out!

The first part of my interview with Mitch Keeler went live today! Check it out on Lockergnome and then grab the rest tomorrow on his blog, Mitchelaneous. Mitch is an awesome guy, I had a lot of fun with the interview!

And that’s just about a wrap! OH yeah.. I launched a $50 Investment Contest on Youthcove today! I’m looking for some young entrepreneurs who can come up with a plan to invest some of my, and my friend/business partner Matt Geri‘s money. Check it out here for more details!

Alright, I’m off to bed! I’m going to make myself go and play basketball tomorrow. I must give my eyes a rest!

Goodnight world! :)

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Finishing another painting! :) ..Ohh yes.. and launching the newsletter!

Ahhh.. another day completed!

I’m excited! Its 9:55 PM and it looks like I’m going to make it to bed by 10:30! BOOYA! :)

I started the day off a bit late, but got rolling very fast. After taking care of a bunch of emails and finishing up an interview with Mitch Keeler (I’ll let you know when its posted) I got rolling with my day.

First, I worked on Amae’s website. Here’s some of my work from this morning, painted entirely in photoshop, stroke by stroke :). Let me know what you think!

I’ll be painting another one tomorrow.. I’m looking forward to it!Once I finished the painting, I got started on the Youthcove Newsletter! My plan WAS to send it out today, but I realized about a half hour ago, as I finished the final copy, that just wasn’t going to work ;). So I will be sending it out on the 1st, sometime early tomorrow morning or afternoon. I’m looking forward to this issue! It doesn’t do much in the way of graphics but I’m very happy with the content. If you aren’t already subscribed, head on over to the young entrepreneurs website at Youthcove.com and click on “Newsletter”. You’ll be able to fill out the subscription form there :).

And that’s just about that! I’m going to wrap this up and then spend some time planning out my master list for tomorrow and thenn.. I’m off to bed!

Oh yeah.. I’m considering whether or not I should shave ;). I’ve let my face go for almost a week and a half now and its starting to get wild.. I kinda like the wild man look.. I haven’t mentioned it much to my girlfriend ‘cuz I have a feeling she might have an opinion or two.. soo we’ll see how it goes :).

Goodnight world!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Painting and writing the newsletter!

I dislike sleeping in..

I really do! It seems that I fluctuate in my sleeping habits from time to time, and lately I’ve been pulling a lot of late nighters. I could blame my girlfriend here on this one, but I won’t ;). I love talking to her and once we start talking at night time, its hard to stop! That’s not the main reason I’ve been up late though. It just seems that one thing has led to another.. like just as I’ll be finished up for the night, someone will bring up some important issue or another and I’ll end up sitting back down and spending 20-30 minutes with them talking it through. I definitely don’t mind, infact I enjoy it, I love talking with people.. the catch, though, is that if I get to bed after 11 PM, getting up at 4:30 is kinda rough.

Now, getting up at 4:30 is awesome! As soon as I’m up, I head off to a shower. ‘Bout 15-20 minutes and I’m done.. I end on ice cold water and suddenly I’m completely awake. Then another 30 minutes or so reading and having my personal devotions and I’m ready to start the day!

The amazing then about starting your day at 5:30 is how much you can get DONE before noon! Its an awesome feeling having your list all swiped off before lunch rolls around, it really is! Even if its NOT all done, you’re going to have accomplished a lot :).

..hmm.. I’m hungry!.. *gets up and checks on food*..

And so.. 2 and a half hours later.. after having a really nice vegetarian, organic supper, a LONG and really good talk with Amae about health food, vegetarian, spreading the word, and so on.. and then a really long and really good talk with my girlfriend.. its now past midnight!

I tell ya.. if its not one thing, its another ;).

So, I’m going to talk about vegetarianism for a moment!

For those of you who didn’t know or hadn’t guessed, I’m a vegetarian. Infact, I’ve never even TASTED meat. There was one incident where I had a bite of fish a few years ago, but that was neither here nor there. I was very young and was convinced that it would help me get over my sickness.. :P. Other than that, I’ve never had a bite of meat in my entire life.

People hear that and they’re shocked… “How is that possible?!”.. “How are you ALIVE?”.. The latter is always funny.. many people assume that ‘cuz I don’t eat meat, I must not be healthy!

Quite the opposite. Alright.. I’m going to stop here ;). I’m not about to turn this into a conversion piece. The point I would like to make, instead.. is that..

You MUST take good care of yourself!

I see so many people out there, knowingly hurting themselves with the things that they do, the food they eat, the things they drink. They say its fine, it doesn’t bother them.. well.. yeah, when you’re young, its harder to tell. I think what they’re missing is knowing what its like when you’re TRULY healthy! That energy that you feel after a meal, instead of wanting to just sleep.. that energy you feel when you wake up each morning.. the clarity of mind you have.. your ability to think clearly.. ALL of that is CLOSELY related with how well you take care of yourself.

For me, that means watching the things that I eat. When I KNOW something does me absolutely no good, why would I willingly force my body to deal with it? How can I expect my body to do its best for me if I don’t take care of it?

Alright.. this body needs some sleep ;). Off I go.. BIG day tomorrow!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Working on Amae’s site, designing the layout for the next newsletter!