Got a credit card!

Today was an awesome day! Now lets see if I can remember everything that happened! ;)..

I began my ‘work day’ after my cold shower and worship by talking with Matt. We went over some stuff, discussed some of our plans (wow that seems like it was yesterday) and then went into ‘primetime’.

I turned off my email, I disable my MSN.. I freed myself from all distractions and worked solidly on Hostingfrog. Well, amazing amazing I actually made progress!! Go check it out over at the startup blog. Be sure to post your comments! ;)

And then I moved on to other things. I worked on (a website for young entrepreneurs if you didn’t know yet ;), got sumore work done with the template and did my share of posting in the community.

Lets see, what else..

AH yes! I had my first tutoring session with Amae!.. Yeah, I thought it was spelt Aimee and, in fact, that is her legal spelling.. she goes by Amae though and is planning to change her name before too long ;). Its pronounced (Ah – may).. The session went very well and I’m looking forward to the next few. I’m teaching her web design and we’re starting with the basics in dreamweaver. She’s on a mac, so that makes things a tad trickier, but still cool ;).

I had a really great talk with victor today! He’s the proud owner of a web based fitness program at He’s getting his busy plan up and rolling and I’m very proud of him! We’re going to be getting together this Sunday and play some basketball at the beach, just hanging out for awhile. I’m looking forward to it! I could use a break! ;)

My good friend Scott has been working hard on some articles for Hostingfrog and ran a mention of it in his blog tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing more updates from him, he’s got some powerful writing abilities! His website is going to be a lot of fun as well.. he’s given me creative license to come up with whatever I’d like ;).. Hehehehe…

AH yes, I found a great blog in my browsing today! Check out Mitch Keeler’s blog titled mitchelaneous. He runs a tech related blog which is VERY interesting for those who are into the whole web hosting industry, as I am. We’re exchanging emails and I’m interested to see if there is anyway we’ll be able to help each other out. It looks like he’s got some great ideas and I wanna support him in anyway I can :).

And that’s JUST about it for tonight.. ohh yesss..

I got a credit card!

Amazing is it not? I’d take a picture if I had a camera and show you guys.. (minus the numbers.. *grins*..) but I don’t just yet so you’ll have to wait ;). Its a very pretty card, with a beautiful island landscape across the front..

Its a capitol one and they’ve given me an INCREDIBLY large spending limit.. ready for it?

Yeah.. $300 dollars :P. Hehe.. its kinda funny.. they must have seen my hair and mistaken me for a crazy teenager.. *grins*

And that’s about a wrap!

Oh yes.. and be sure to check out Jessi Abela’s blog again ;). I’m really looking forward to working with her over the next few months as her musical career takes off! This girl’s got some serious talent and I’m also looking forward to giving you guys a listen to some of her stuff!

Goodnight world!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Figuring out what my first book is going to be about annnd.. figuring out what my next ‘line of work’ is going to be ;). More on that tomorrow..

Myths and Lists ;)

Well its late at night and sadly I won’t get anywhere near my goal of bed by 9:30, however! It was completely worth it!

Today has been an incredible day for me! I have learned SOO much and I am completely excited about taking what I’ve learned and applying it too tomorrow.

Where shall we start..

Well! Lets start with Myths! Are you ready for this one? You sure? Alright, here we go..

Time management is a myth!

Be shocked. Be very shocked.. and before you are too shocked.. I just wanna throw in a pitch that I owe this discovery to one of my best friends, Matt Geri, who encouraged me, mannny times, to listen to audio mentioned on THIS youthcove message post.The audio goes into a lot of detail, as it should for an hour long, and explains some absolutely amazing things.. And then you’re kinda like, “Well duh.. that’s obvious”.. The sad thing is that there are things many people just MISS!

Alright, so to give you guys an idea of what we’re dealing with, I’ll explain that rather bold statement..

Time management is a myth.. stop everything you’re doing for just a moment. Don’t make a sound.. listen.. hear that? Time is leaving you.. Time is getting away.. and YOU can’t do a thing about it.. you can’t manage it.. so what’s left?

Action Management!


You CAN manage your actions.. the things that you do each and every day. So! The audio recording explains 7 INCREDIBLE tips that you can use each and every day to double your time off.. and they work.. I’m going to be sneaky and share two, just TWO, of them with you..

Here we go:

  1. Create a master to-do list – Oh my.. more lists? more to-DO lists? Yup.. now listen. When you wake up with your alarm clock in the morning.. did you intend to wake up just then? Did you suddenly think you would just wake up? No.. you prepared. You planned it out ahead of time. So, take this principle and apply it to your lists.. EACH night, before you go to bed, create tomorrow’s list. Never put more than 20 things.. write them down on a 5X7 index card or piece of paper. Then, as you accomplish each thing the next day, cross them off with a nice BIG red marker! It works ;).. At the end of the day, if anything is left over move it too tomorrow’s list.. and then CROSS EACH THING OFF.. then crumple it up and throw it away :).

  2. Block out daily prime time hours – I feel like I’m already giving too much away, but I’ll go ahead and throw in just a little bit about this POWERFUL tip.. Set aside 4-5 prime time hours each day.. This is time when you allow absolutely NO interuptions, WHATSOEVER. That means no email, no phone, no MSN, no nothing.. This is time where you focus completely on your tasks at hand and in particular, generating revenue. Allow absolutely NO distractions! This alone is one of the most powerful and productive things you can adopt..

Alright, enough.. the rest of the tips are JUST as powerful if not more so.. listen to that call ;).

Sooo! Moving on with my day!

I’m going to the Philippines!!

Its official! I was blessed with an incredible donation today which sealed my participation fees for my mission trip to the philippines! I am SOO excited! The individuals even offered to let me borrow a video camera so that I could make a documentary while I’m down there, which I am SERIOUSLY considering taking them up on!

So that was very very exciting, I can’t wait! March 17th baby :)!

On top of all that, I had a chance to talk with one of my best friends, Jessi Abela, this morning. She’s getting into web design and I am super excited for her! She’s a VERY talented musician and you guys will be hearing some of her music as she records it and gets it availible online.. Jessi is absolutely amazing! :) Check out her brand new blog!

OH yes, and I had an awesome interview with my good friend Mike, a fellow Youthcove member AND a real estate sales agent! At 19 years old he’s already kicking in the business and I can’t wait to see where he’s at within the next few months. He’s doing VERY well and you’ll be able to hear about him in the next issue of the Youthcove newsletter! ;) (Send me an email if you’d like to subscribe, I’ll be updating the site tomorrow with the subscription page)

And that’s just about that! Now I’m off to make my list for the evening and then get some sleep.. tomorrow is going to be a huge day!

Goodnight world :)

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Read above ;).. Uhmm.. making Chili! YES! I MADE CHILI! .. *grins*

Basketball on the Beach

Ya know what? Today has been a very good day :). I started this morning.. confused.. a bit disillusioned about what to do out of the mass of projects I had waiting for me.. and unsure of most everything.

So.. I prayed about it. Took time away from everything and just read and prayed for awhile. And while I was doing that, I came across something which spoke to me and was very powerful..

“When we give ourselves wholly to God, and in our work follow His directions, He makes Himself responsible for its accomplishment. He would not have us conjecture as to the success of our honest endeavors. Not once should we even think of failure. We are to cooperate with One who knows no failure.”

That there really spoke to me.. I realized that if I am going to truly let God lead in my life, then I have nothing to worry about. With that renewed understanding, I began my day.

I started with Hostingfrog and updated the startup blog with my thoughts on what’s been going on lately. I then had an awesome email exchange with Johnder about the plans for the blog and our future work together.

Then I talked with some people about doing work for them on some websites of theirs. That was really good for me.. I had first talked with the husband, and that had started nearly 2 or so months ago. We had stayed in contact and finally he said the decision would come down talking with his wife about it.

She’s looking to have her personal website completely redone, and to help her build her presence up over the internet. It’ll be quite a project, but I believe I can help them out.

Initially I looked at the opportunity as a way to make some money and take care of some of the financially issues that being an entrepreneur and living on your own can throw at you.. Then I started to see that if this works out, its not about the money. This is a test of what I’m truly capable of.. Can I take someone and really build their name for them? Can I make their presence known all over the internet and be truly PROUD of my work?

I believe I can. I have the talents and I’m gaining the abilities.. and I have awesome partners :)..
So this is really taking things to the next level for me. Its going to be quite a challenge, and I believe I’m up for it. This is also exactly what I’m going to be doing for Aimee. I’m going to putting together a site and then helping her REALLY get her presence known WELL on the internet. This is a big deal! I have some absolutely incredible opportunities here.. I’ve been very blessed :).

So! Speaking of partners.. just gotta throw a link out to one of my best friends, Matt Geri. He recently updated his Xanga blog and gave an awesome testimonial about what’s been going on in his life. It was really encouraging to read and I suport him all the way. He’s without a doubt the best partner I’ve ever had and its a true pleasure working and growing with him, both as christians and as entrepreneurs. You rock bro! :)

Oh YES.. and I got outside today! Aimee didn’t let me argue outta it and she got me to go to the beach.. It was great!

I played basketball!

I also realized I’m outta shape ;). Yeah, the basketball thing was a big deal.. Believe it or not, I wasn’t always as outgoing as I am now ;). Walking up to a court full of tough guys playing basketball and asking if I could join in so wasn’t me..

I didn’t play with the tough boys today, but I did play :). Found a guy practicing on the court and asked if I could join in.. I QUICKLY discovered that I’m a bit rusty, so I’m going to keep up the practicing. Basketball is a sport I really enjoy :).

Then I had the fun walk home just before dark in the streets of Venice.. interesting stuff.. lots of interesting people.. their diversity is so amazing! I’m really enjoying it here :).

Alright, goodnight world!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Uhmm.. updating my startup blog :)

Blank Stare

uhh.. I’m supposed to be writing my journal now.. Its 11:41 and I just got off the phone with my girlfriend.. she said I have to write in my journal now, soo.. I’m writing in my journal..

*rubs eyes*.. *wakes up a bit*..

She’s awesome :). I’m a very very fortunate young man.. its not just anybody that can put up in and believe in a crazy guy like me..

She believes in me. She really does.. even when she thinks I’m crazy, she still stands there beside me and believes in me. Thanks dear.. that means everything.

..*shakes head and wakes up a bit more*..

Today was a good.. and tough day..

On the good side.. I got my little man finished up! Check him out! :)

Isn’t he cute? :). Joshua drew the body and I drew the hair and shirt! Tomorrow I’m gonna work and see if I can do sumore after my other projects are done.

Don’t doubt your vision

Not everyone will agree with you, in fact, you can count on it. You may even find that you’re in the wrong at times.. perhaps you didn’t make the best decision about something.. perhaps someone knows a better way.

Whether you choose to adopt their way is your decision. If you have a vision you’ve been blessed with, you have to go for it.

Today I had to reach a crossroads of sorts.. and I’m still not all the way through it.

I was making some decisions about Youthcove and people whom I both admire and respect very dearly were bringing up very valid reasons why I should reconsider my actions. I became overwhelmed and even, for a few moments, sunk into self-doubt. I questioned whether I had made the right choice.

Well ya know what? Maybe I didn’t make the right choice.

However, what I did do, and what I’m continuing to do, is that I will stick to my vision. No, that doesn’t mean that its in black and white and that does NOT mean I have all the answers. But I have a vision.. I see what Youthcove can become.. its the whole reason I created Youthcove. And that vision is something I can’t give up for anything.

Visions are shared.

Yeah, there have been times when my ‘vision’ may have lead things astray. Its times like that that my trusted friends and partners (you the man Matt!) have helped lead me back :). And the most important thing to me, is knowing that even if they don’t agree with everything I do.. they support me.

That alone means everything.

I had a talk this evening with a young lady whom I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know better in the past few days. She is wise beyond her years and, though I’ve never met her, I feel a connection. She told me that there are always going to be people who don’t agree with your take on things and I can’t worry about it. She also gave me her support and encouraged me to keep it up :).

She said that God gives certain people visions.. he shows them something that can happen and while others may have pieces of it, he’s blessed them with the key to make it happen. (That’s not EXACTLY how she said it, but uhh.. its late ;).

For me, that means that if I’m doing my absolute best and I believe with all my heart that its the right thing, then I can move on. Even when others doubt, I can move on. No, that doesn’t mean I close myself off to others.. QUITE the contrary.. Their opinions mean even more to me now. I just take them in, give them true consideration, and adapt. Youthcove wouldn’t be ANYWHERE today if it wasn’t for all those who have contributed and given of themselves to make things happen.

Anyways.. its been a lonnng day.. and I surprise myself that these kinds of things still get to me :). I’m learning.. I really am. One day at a time.

Goodnight world, and thanks for putting up with me.. *grins*

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Oh man.. don’t get me started… ok.. uhmm.. updating my personal site ;)

Web Designer Extraordinaire

Or at least a web designer that has a lot of fun!

I tell ya.. this web design stuff sure can be FRUSTRATING. I’ve spent nearly ALLL day in Web Design mode and now, I don’t want to stop!

There you can see some work I did for Renee Airya, a young lady I had the pleasure of meeting within the past few days. She recently went through an incredible bout with a brain tumor and is an amazing survivor. Her website was having some issues and needed to be updated and a menu added in, so I took care of that. Its not one of my designs, but I did my best :).

You’d be amazed at how long simple reconstruction can take! I had to make the site nearly identical to how it was originally, and then add in a menu. The original designer only used pictures.. and me, bandwidth and usability conscious as I am, decided it needed to be text. 3 hours later and yay for me it was all done :P. I tell ya, tables can be SUCH a bear to work with sometimes.

..And then things got better

I began working on Youthcove! I spent a LONG time sketching out the site design on paper.. thinking about content and about the overall user experience. I put a ton of thought (and have many tons to go) into what each page will actually have on it, and then into what its gonna take to make all that happen.

Then Joshua, my younger brother, and I started talking about the graphics. With his skillz we were able to put together a bunch of roughs. Ok, he was able to put them together.. I whined about ideas of mine and complained about colors..

He came through though and wow! I can’t show you guys the really good stuff yet, but here’s a preview :).



Pretty wild huh? ;). I’m excited.. and wow I’ve got a ton of work to do!

I have 3 main projects now while I’m at Aimee’s.

  1. Aimee’s Site – We talked a lot about her design today and uhh.. I’ve got my work cut out for me. She has a bunch of ideas, all of them really good.. This site is gonna test everything I’m capable of as a designer and as a programmer.. dang yeah :P. You should see the sketches.. as an artist too! I’ll show you guys later.

  2. Hostingfrog – That site is going to HAPPEN. I’m, quite frankly, still not happy with the Design. I think I’m going to take it on myself and just make it happen :). I have a great idea of where to go now.. I’ll still give James the credit for the work, but its time to claim the site as my own and get my own touch into it. Its actually kinda exciting .. :)

  3. Youthcove! – I’ve got SOO much to do for Youthcove! I have more work than I can even imagine and, for a lot of it, I’m on my own! I’ve already had a few close friends of mine a tad skeptical of the design.. and as someone who takes things like that very personally, that was a bit tough for me.. but that’s ok :). I’m going to keep at it.. wow.. got lots to do!

And with that.. its ’bout time for bed! Got another HUGE day tomorrow! I’m planning to do sumore work on the YC site over the next few days.. Or, I should say, work that’s visible.. so you guys will have an idea of what’s going on ;).

Stay tuned.. *grins*..


P.S. I AMM looking for people interested in helping. Can’t promise you’ll see all that’s going on, but ya never know ;). Contact me.

Daily Action Step:

Getting serious about web design :).