• Ok.. its 12:24.. I have a pounding headache which has been going at me for a few hours now.. I took a reallly intense hot/cold/hot/cold/hot/cold/hot/cold shower and I felt much better for awhile.. now its worse :P. Soo.. even though I had quite a day, albeit a very lazy one.. I can’t remember much! I […] Read More »

  • Newsletter is OUT!

    BOOya that was a lot of work! Check out the latest issue of the Youthcove.com Newsletter! Its not the prettiest that it could be, but I put some serious work into it! Anyone interested in redesigning it (with simplicity in mind) let me know ;). I did another painting today! This time its another flower […] Read More »

  • I’m excited! Its 9:55 PM and it looks like I’m going to make it to bed by 10:30! BOOYA! :) I started the day off a bit late, but got rolling very fast. After taking care of a bunch of emails and finishing up an interview with Mitch Keeler (I’ll let you know when its […] Read More »

  • I dislike sleeping in..

    I really do! It seems that I fluctuate in my sleeping habits from time to time, and lately I’ve been pulling a lot of late nighters. I could blame my girlfriend here on this one, but I won’t ;). I love talking to her and once we start talking at night time, its hard to […] Read More »

  • Alright, so I’m a straight A student.. only had 2 B’s my entire life, and I asked for them ‘cuz I felt I didn’t deserve an A. When I started Junior College I was at the very top of all my classes and I loved it. The college environment was awesome, even at just 17 […] Read More »