• So its 2 in the morning, and I’m still awake. In the backround, some classical music hums quietly through my speakers. A dull glow illuminates Los Angeles.. hmm.. What brings a homeschooler to Los Angeles? Homeschooler? Yeah.. that’s me. Just another sheltered homeschooler ;). I’ve talked with many many people about homeschooling. They are interested […] Read More »

  • Strange few days

    Had quite a headache last night and I ended up falling asleep around 8, before I had a chance to post. That headache stuck with me all through today and I didn’t get much of ANYTHING done. Doing better though.. I expect to be up and running again tomorrow :). Perhaps one day I’ll tell […] Read More »

  • 8 hours of CSS

    My eyes hurt.. I’ve decided that, no matter what, I’m going to go play basketball tomorrow. The fresh air and excersise will do me a LOT of good. I’ve been able to do a lot of awesome stuff on the computer these past few days, but uhh.. gotta make sure I’m taking good care of […] Read More »

  • Wake up and sore eyes

    First of all.. today was a business wake up call. Second.. I have very sore eyes ‘cuz its past midnight and I was supposed to be in bed a LONG time ago. Things just didn’t quite work out for me.. I began the day on fire. Got a BUNCH of stuff done in the early […] Read More »

  • Day at the Beach

    It all began when my alarm went off at.. something something AM. I was up till 2 this morning and decided that I could afford to sleep in ;). My alarm went off around 8:45 AM and I was up and at ’em! Spent some time with my girlfriend and some time working on a […] Read More »