Birthdays and SNOW

My youngest brother turned 14 day.. wow! I went to see him and my mom up in the foothills and wowww has he grown.. It was great seeing them again. Ok.. I wear a size 11 1/2 shoe.. and my 14 year old brother is already in size 13’s.. Yeah, its pretty scary.. At 6’1, I am destined to become the shortest of my 2 younger siblings, its quite sad.

So I drove up to my little brother’s house today with my good friend Ashley.. that may not seem like a big deal except that I haven’t driven in a lonng time ;). Ashley got here, found out that there was snow up north annd.. “You drive!”.. I did fine ;).

After spending some time up there with mom and my little brother, I drove off to some friends of the Carlton’s and dropped myself off. The snow was really coming down by then.. pretty scary stuff! I had two slips on the way down the hill and, conveniently enough, just as I’m explaining to Ashley how to AVOID slips.

Tonight was a lot of fun.. There were over 12 people at the house and after a big vegetarian unfriendly meal (its ok, the salad rocked) we sat around and played a bunch of games. Its so strange being around families of homeschoolers.. ALLL of us there had been homeschooled and the similarities are uncanny. Anyway.. homeschoolers are an entire topic within themselves.. more on that later ;).

You know.. I’m starting to like this ‘detailed’ journal kinda thing. Naw, I’m not gonna turn this into a recount of every single thing I doo, but its kinda fun!

So what did I learn today? Well.. Oh yes, I had a very interesting experience with a game. Everyone got together and we played this game called, “The Psychologist”.. Guess who got to be the psychologist ;). Yup.. me. The trouble was.. I took it VERY seriously. The entire group started the game by telling me they all had a “problem”.. and I had to figure out what it was. I thought WAY too deep and was going into all sorts of complex things and quite frankly, it was challenging NOT too.. it took over 45 minutes for me to figure out what their ‘problem’ was.. You see, my job was to figure out what the problem was by asking questions. Immediately I knew something was funny.. I’d ask a little girl a question, “How old are you?”.. She’d reply with “52”.. This went on and on.. and here I am trying to figure out this complex way by which people are switching places. And the result? The problem was that everyone thought they were the person to their right.

Had an awesome night and I found that I take things a bit too seriously sometimes.. amazingly ;). I’m really gonna miss the Carlton family.. they’ve been absolutely awesome.

Well, that’s it for now.. Goodnight world!


Daily Action Step:

Spending time with friends :)


I talked about today’s storm over at Startup Blog earlier today and given that its such an awesome topic, I’m gonna talk about it again!

Storms have always held a strong fascination with me. My first ‘complete’ poem was about a storm. Ever since I was a young one, something about storms have always drawn me to them. Yeah, sounds a bit strange.. but so am I :).

As I close my eyes, I go back a few years to the coasts of Northern California. Step by step I make my way along the beach, plodding through the wet sand and moving in pace with the incoming tide. I hear the surf pounding the rocks just ahead and watch as the sky fills itself with storm clouds. Slowly they roll in, the faint sound of thunder roars just off in the distance. Something catches my eye and I turn fast, a single bolt of lightning fades bright against the horizon.

The thunder rolls louder now, as the clouds grow darker and continue their path inland. I reach the end of the sand and look up into the light rain towards the top of the mountain. Tall it stands, its outline harsh against the darkened sky. A second bolt of lightning lights the area around me.. and I smile. Being careful not to fall I make my way up the mountain side, grabbing for trees and rocks as I ascend upwards. The storm grows more intense, the rain continues its barrage down upon me, soaking my hair and threatening to wash through my jacket.

A few minutes more and there I stand. The wind lashes out all around me, pulling at my hair and clothes. The thunder roars again, just above me. I cover my ears for a moment before dropping my hands back out against my sides. There I am. All of nature in her fury around me. The ocean crashes against the mountainside. The sky pours out rain, little caring about me and my soaked clothes. The wind continues her pull and the ground seems to shake. God speaks through the storm.

So yeah.. I like storms :). That was a fun freewrite.. I’m gonna do those more often!

Alright, so other than the storm, I’ve had a very interesting day! I did a bunch of work on my website over at I added a photo gallery, several new articles, and I added this blog onto the site :). Pretty good if you ask me!

I also did a bunch of work on over at Got the new layout on up there and added some content into the main page. Still have a lot of work to do but things are going well.

What else..

Oh yeah, I stayed home from going to the snow with the Carltons today. That was quite a bummer, but I knew I still had a ton of things to do so it just wasn’t possible for me to go. I also went through several important phone calls with my brother and some good friends of mine, so I’m glad I didn’t miss those.

All and all today was a good day. I’m thankful for Sabbath and I’m looking forward to tomorrow! My youngest brother is turning 14 years old tomorrow and I’m gonna head on up to the house and surprise him! That’s gonna be great :)

Alright world, I’m off for now!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Getting the website updated and doing a bunch of work on my site :)

First Entry

I’ve been keeping a journal for a good half a year now and I’m finally moving it over into a Blog ;). This Journal will be up on my new website at Anyway, to kick it off I’m going to write about today! Here are some of the highlights of my day:

  1. Sent out letters for my mission trip – I sent out 8 letters to area businessmen and doctors this morning in regards to my mission trip to the Philippines in March of this year. Its taken me quite awhile to finally get those letters finished and I was very proud that I was able to get them out today ;). I’ve never asked for Donations before, so this is definitely a ‘first time’ sorta thing. I offered them my web design services should they need them and we’ll see how things go!
  2. Packed up my stuff – Yes, I recently acquired a new suitcase and I spent today reorganizing and packing all my belongings. I threw away a ton of old paperwork that I don’t need as well as an assortment of similiar non-paper items. Then I sorted through the stuff that I plan to take and picked out all the things that I can leave behind. Half my book collection will stay here in California with my mom, who has said that it’d be fine to leave it with her. I also got rid of a good number of clothes I’m quite sure I won’t be wearing anytime soon :P.
  3. Got back to work on my web hosting business – Yes, things are finally happening again with Check out the progress at I’ve put that business off for WAY longer than I should and I’m very glad to be back in the swing of things. I’ve got a ways to go and the main obstacle right now is getting the actual website up and running, but it’ll get there.
  4. Talked to the admins at – I had a great chat with Travis and Jerret today about Hostingfrog and about plans for some of their own business ventures. They’re both two awesome young man and its been really cool getting to know them. I look forward to continuing our relationships together and maybe helping each other out in anyway that we can.
  5. Emailed some old contacts – I followed up with several emails that I’ve been putting off and it was really good to get those out of the way. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to write them, I’d just been putting it off because of all the other things I’ve been doing.. so it was really good to take time today and just get it done.
  6. Had two awesome meals – Louise Carlton is an incredible cook :). I had lunch and dinner today and man was that stuff awesome.. She made an eggplant parmesan sorta thing and a bunch of other great stuff.. homecooked meals are the best! Thanks Louise!
  7. Had a great workout this evening – Yeah, I’m working out again.. no particular reason other than I know that its good for me. Brian and I have been doing it together lately and that helps a LOT. We’re kinda in sad shape right now, so its good that were working on this. Once I get to LA I’ll be picking up running again, so I’m looking forward to that.

Alright, enough of the things I’ve done.

Today I’m feeling much better than I’ve felt in quite awhile. I’m recovering from a very fast cold and I’m surprised at how good I’m feeling. The past few weeks have been very unproductive, and I’ve felt it. By ‘normal’ standards I’m already doing more than most people, but I know how much I’m capable of and I just haven’t been cutting it.

I’ve also been going through a lot of emotional and spiritual stuff.. challenging a lot of the things I’ve believed and the way I’ve been living my life. Its good stuff, it just takes a lot out of you.. I’m a very strong believer in God and I’m not afraid to let people know about it, no matter the consequences. If you believe that, you’ve gotta live by it, through good times and through bad.

So I’m finally getting things back on track. The next 6 days have been planned out and we’ll see how things go once I get down to LA.

Bring it on world! :)

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Setting my list and focusing on just getting the things done. I did a LOT today :)