Singing in the rain

Today was very interesting ;). Being my last day, we decided that we were gonna do some crazy things.. Well, ‘we’ being my friend Jessi and I. So, we got a bunch of our friends together at the local starbucks sharply at 1 PM and thus began the craziness.

It started with only 4 of us, Brian, Jessi, Brian (yeah, two of ’em), and then me :). We played a game called silent football for awhile, which is an EXTREMELY funny game.. You’re passing this invisible football around, and when you talk you cannot show your teeth nor can you ever laugh ;). Yeah, try it..

Then we played this story writing game for the next hour or so.. Where each of us contributed to a story, without knowing what the other had written. That was SO funny and it was strange how well some of the stories fit.

Then a few more people showed up and we had an AWESOME round of silent football, all in the middle of starbucks.. (poor guys ;)..

OH yes, before the extra people showed up.. Jessi, Brian (number two), and I decided we were gonna do some unique. We walked up and down mainstreet placerville and wished over 21 people “An awesome day!” and shook their hand! It was GREAT! We even walked into a tatoo parlor and shook the guy’s hand.. hehe!

THEN, a few hours later, we began the scavenger hunt. Everyone wrote down two things that you had to do.. and they had to be weird, but doable. As I remember them, this is what we had:

1. Walk into Jireh’s bookstore and ask them what the name meant I got that one and did it very nicely, the guy told me and we had a very nice brief chat

2. Run through a parking lot shouting.. “I’m free! I’m free!” .. 3 timesJessi got that one and ran through 3 parking lots, doing a fine job ;).

3. Wear Jessi’s big furry white bootsBrian 2 got that one and wore them into Rite-aid.. we got pictures.. he did very well ;)

4. Walk up to someone and wish them a Merry ChristmasBrian got that one as well.. He walked up to an older lady in Raleys and wished her a merry christmas.. she smiled and wished him one back!

5. Go through a drivethrough and order a glass of water.. while singing “You are my sunshine”..I got that one.. and I drove Jessi’s car, ordered my drink at Taco Bell while singing, and picked up the drink while singing.. I never spoke.. just sang.. yeah ;)

6. Walk up to someone and ask them for 50 centsEmily got this one and did a fine job :)

7. Walk up to an older lady and compliment her hair, then ask where she got it doneEmily got this one and I tell ya, she’s good.. She walked up to an older lady and they had a very nice short chat.. That took a lot.. GO EMILY :)

8. Stand on the courthouse steps and sing the National Anthem!Brian originally got this one and then wimped out on us, so Jessi and I decided to do it. We crossed the street, took our places, and burst out into song.. Yeah, we didn’t know the whole thing, and we started by singing each other’s voices, which sounded kinda strange.. but wow.. We got a few positive honks and a guy said we were good! but.. he wouldn’t give us any money :P. We got pictures.. that was a TON of fun!

And that’s ABOUT it.. We came back and hung around for a little while before heading off and back for home.

Now I’m off to get some food and then head off with Brian for a 7 PM meeting in town with a doctor regarding the mission trip. Goodbye world! Once I get back I have packing to do!


Daily Action Step:

Going out with friends and making many people’s days :)

Meeting in Hangtown

Today has been a great day :). I was up and at ’em bright and early this morning.. well, 7 AM to be exact. Brian’s younger brother (I’m staying with the Carlton family right now) went skiing today and Brian and I got to take him to the ‘meeting point’ where some friends of his were waiting to take him up the mountain.

After that and a good deal of fun along the drive there, Brian dropped me off at my mom’s house. I spent the next couple of hours helping her load up the minivan so we could take stuff to the storage unit.

Now.. my mother is pregnant.. and she’s developed this thing where she is EXTREMELY sensitive to smell. Her very specific instructions were for me to not use any shampoo in my hair the day I came over. I didn’t.. and apparently that didn’t matter.. I still ‘stank’.. mmm.. my poor mom :P. So, what was going to be a one hour drive to the storage unit and back turned into mom dropping me off early once the car was loaded ‘cuz she wouldn’t be able to take the smell.

It was still good spending time with them and we were able to get a good deal done.. Mom then dropped me off in.. Hangtown.

For those of you who don’t yet know, Hangtown is another name for ‘Placerville’.. the town that has been my home on and off for several years. Placerville’s claim to fame was that the last official public hanging in the USA was done here.. What a claim to fame ;).

Anyways, I met up with a good friend of mine from last year, an older gentleman named Gene. We had a great talk over lunch at a small restaraunt named Gelatos. Catching up with him was really cool.. Gene is a brilliant guy and I really enjoy our talks together. He recommended a few books that I ‘need’ to read.. One was ‘Network’ byy.. well, I don’t remember who, but I’ll be looking it up. He also recommended a book entitled ‘Into Thin Air’..

Gene and I talked a lot about education, and most specifically about college. He said he’s been pleasantly surprised with how things have turned out for me so far. Though not quite what he would have suggested, he thinks I’ve done well so far with my choice of ‘getting out there’ for my alternative education. He shared that he feels the next good step for me is to get into a college and round myself off. Even if I do nothing else I should have a solid grounding in certain things because I never know when some of those seemingly unconnected things will come back and ‘connect’ for me.

He’s right. I’m just not sure its the right answer for me. I have been particularly interested in several entrepreneurial degrees and I plan to look further into them, but somehow college just isn’t doing it for me right now.

Anyways.. that ended that and I was home. Spent a few hours working on websites.. did a bit of work on and threw in some work on my web design site,

Finally towards the evening’s end I had a chance to catch up with my good friend Jessi Abela who, apparently, called me and left a few messages and I missed ’em! We’re going to hook up tomorrow before I head off on Wednesday and have some fun. I’m looking forward to that :). Then we’ll be getting home early and I’ll pack up..

Wednesday morning at 4:30, we’re off. LA, here I come!

Goodnight world :)

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Working sumore on Blueflame :)

A long day

Today was quite a day for me. I went to church this morning with my good friend Brian and was very richly blessed. We went through about 9 or so songs before the ‘service’ and it was awesome.. Everyone was singing their best and with their grandmother playing the Piano it sounded absolutely incredible. It was also very interesting being around people who believe ‘differently’ than I and still seeing them doing their absolute best to live what they believe. It was a great experience :).

Then I went through the rest of the day.. very long.. and, in many ways, painful. I went through a lot of stuff emotionally. Things weren’t lining up the way I wanted them too.. people seemed to be suddenly demanding so much of me and I was realizing just how little I’ve really done.

Its amazing how much stuff I have to do.. and I have no excuse for not getting things done. Sure, I stay busy.. but I’m not yet focused. I’m getting there :).

God has become just an incredible part of my life over the past few months, and it just doesn’t bug me to talk about it anymore. I can get all kinds of flak for it and often times, the flak comes from the people that mean a lot to me.. yet my beliefs have become such a core of who I am that it doesn’t matter. The more I learn.. the more I realize how little I know.. and I tell you, its humbling..

Being humble does a lot for you.. suddenly its not about getting all the money.. its not about owning that Island and having that 11 million dollar home. Its not about getting all the nice toys.. or even giving all the nice toys.. I dunno, my focus has just changed.. I no longer believe that the things I have are mine.. Instead, I feel that I’ve been entrusted with things.. my talents, my abilities.. I’m a steward of them.. and my sole responsibility is to do the absolute best with what I’ve been given.

So far, I haven’t done that. Yeah, I’ve gone a LONG ways and some would argue (well, many) that I’m already doing way too much.. “Come on! You’re only 18! Have some fun!”.. Who says I don’t have fun? ;).. And all that aside, my age isn’t an excuse. I feel a great responsibility, and I feel that I’m not yet living anywhere near what I’m capable of.

So, the next few months are going to be really interesting.. The last few days here in Northern California have been tough.. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about who I am.. and I’m unhappy with a lot of the characteristics I still retain.. I’m way too sarcastic at times, and that can damage relationships.. There’s nothing worse than stopping the sarcasm on your end and it keeps on going. Yeah.. that sucks.. and its my fault :P.

Anyways.. tomorrow will be interesting. I’m going to be helping my mom move.. even though that means no snowboarding, its the right thing to do :). No mistakes this time.

Alright, goodnight world.. Have a great rest :)


Daily Action Step:

Growing up, even if just a little.

Birthdays and SNOW

My youngest brother turned 14 day.. wow! I went to see him and my mom up in the foothills and wowww has he grown.. It was great seeing them again. Ok.. I wear a size 11 1/2 shoe.. and my 14 year old brother is already in size 13’s.. Yeah, its pretty scary.. At 6’1, I am destined to become the shortest of my 2 younger siblings, its quite sad.

So I drove up to my little brother’s house today with my good friend Ashley.. that may not seem like a big deal except that I haven’t driven in a lonng time ;). Ashley got here, found out that there was snow up north annd.. “You drive!”.. I did fine ;).

After spending some time up there with mom and my little brother, I drove off to some friends of the Carlton’s and dropped myself off. The snow was really coming down by then.. pretty scary stuff! I had two slips on the way down the hill and, conveniently enough, just as I’m explaining to Ashley how to AVOID slips.

Tonight was a lot of fun.. There were over 12 people at the house and after a big vegetarian unfriendly meal (its ok, the salad rocked) we sat around and played a bunch of games. Its so strange being around families of homeschoolers.. ALLL of us there had been homeschooled and the similarities are uncanny. Anyway.. homeschoolers are an entire topic within themselves.. more on that later ;).

You know.. I’m starting to like this ‘detailed’ journal kinda thing. Naw, I’m not gonna turn this into a recount of every single thing I doo, but its kinda fun!

So what did I learn today? Well.. Oh yes, I had a very interesting experience with a game. Everyone got together and we played this game called, “The Psychologist”.. Guess who got to be the psychologist ;). Yup.. me. The trouble was.. I took it VERY seriously. The entire group started the game by telling me they all had a “problem”.. and I had to figure out what it was. I thought WAY too deep and was going into all sorts of complex things and quite frankly, it was challenging NOT too.. it took over 45 minutes for me to figure out what their ‘problem’ was.. You see, my job was to figure out what the problem was by asking questions. Immediately I knew something was funny.. I’d ask a little girl a question, “How old are you?”.. She’d reply with “52”.. This went on and on.. and here I am trying to figure out this complex way by which people are switching places. And the result? The problem was that everyone thought they were the person to their right.

Had an awesome night and I found that I take things a bit too seriously sometimes.. amazingly ;). I’m really gonna miss the Carlton family.. they’ve been absolutely awesome.

Well, that’s it for now.. Goodnight world!


Daily Action Step:

Spending time with friends :)


I talked about today’s storm over at Startup Blog earlier today and given that its such an awesome topic, I’m gonna talk about it again!

Storms have always held a strong fascination with me. My first ‘complete’ poem was about a storm. Ever since I was a young one, something about storms have always drawn me to them. Yeah, sounds a bit strange.. but so am I :).

As I close my eyes, I go back a few years to the coasts of Northern California. Step by step I make my way along the beach, plodding through the wet sand and moving in pace with the incoming tide. I hear the surf pounding the rocks just ahead and watch as the sky fills itself with storm clouds. Slowly they roll in, the faint sound of thunder roars just off in the distance. Something catches my eye and I turn fast, a single bolt of lightning fades bright against the horizon.

The thunder rolls louder now, as the clouds grow darker and continue their path inland. I reach the end of the sand and look up into the light rain towards the top of the mountain. Tall it stands, its outline harsh against the darkened sky. A second bolt of lightning lights the area around me.. and I smile. Being careful not to fall I make my way up the mountain side, grabbing for trees and rocks as I ascend upwards. The storm grows more intense, the rain continues its barrage down upon me, soaking my hair and threatening to wash through my jacket.

A few minutes more and there I stand. The wind lashes out all around me, pulling at my hair and clothes. The thunder roars again, just above me. I cover my ears for a moment before dropping my hands back out against my sides. There I am. All of nature in her fury around me. The ocean crashes against the mountainside. The sky pours out rain, little caring about me and my soaked clothes. The wind continues her pull and the ground seems to shake. God speaks through the storm.

So yeah.. I like storms :). That was a fun freewrite.. I’m gonna do those more often!

Alright, so other than the storm, I’ve had a very interesting day! I did a bunch of work on my website over at I added a photo gallery, several new articles, and I added this blog onto the site :). Pretty good if you ask me!

I also did a bunch of work on over at Got the new layout on up there and added some content into the main page. Still have a lot of work to do but things are going well.

What else..

Oh yeah, I stayed home from going to the snow with the Carltons today. That was quite a bummer, but I knew I still had a ton of things to do so it just wasn’t possible for me to go. I also went through several important phone calls with my brother and some good friends of mine, so I’m glad I didn’t miss those.

All and all today was a good day. I’m thankful for Sabbath and I’m looking forward to tomorrow! My youngest brother is turning 14 years old tomorrow and I’m gonna head on up to the house and surprise him! That’s gonna be great :)

Alright world, I’m off for now!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Getting the website updated and doing a bunch of work on my site :)