500 days of pushups

Today is the 500th day in a row that I’ve completed at least a set (and nearly always 4 sets) of pushups. No exception, rain or shine, sick or healthy, on the ground, or in the air.

When I started out I could barely do a single pushup.

At my peak near the end of 2018 I was averaging over 150 pushups per day.

I’ve tapered off since, now averaging around 40 per day.

It’s been great. I’ve gotten better at pushups and, as was my original intent, started a positive trends towards investing more in my health.

It turns out, though, that pushups were only the beginning. As of today, I track 29 different habits, most of which have passed over 100 days.

It seems impressive, and over the span of a year now for many of my habits, I’m noticing real results.

But what’s actually important about my experience with habits and what I care to write about is how ridiculously¬†easy I designed each of my habits to be.

They’re all tiny habits and, as such, even though I still have days where I don’t want to complete them, I do it anyway.

500 days of pushups is a big accomplishment for me. Yet it’s anti-climatic. I didn’t set out to get this far, I just decided that I’d pick something super easy, that I could do no matter what, and keep doing it.

Momentum is a beautiful, powerful thing. As much as I’m sure I’ll enjoy looking back on day 1000, that’s not what matters right now. I’ll complete today’s habits and do them again tomorrow.