Wold Family Currency

I started an experiment with my kids recently that might inspire you with an idea for your own kids. I wrote Tiny Habits for my kids, to encourage them to form tiny habits of their own. This last weekend, I helped them each setup their first tiny habit: 5 minutes of cleaning. Once they’ve completed […]

CaboPress 2018

It was the last night in Cabo. There I was, sitting on the patio after dinner, breathing in cigar smoke, listening to snippets of a conversation, then jumping into another, laughing hard with the group as we shared stories, enjoying drinks, and just taking it all in. It felt surreal and perfect. It was clear […]

New Niche Marketing Membership

My good friend Matt Geri, after months of hard work, preparation, and undoubtedly sweat in the hot South African sun, has finally relaunched his niche marketing membership site, NicheRama.com! I was privileged to be a bystander through the development and was amazed as the site came together. Matt programmed the backend and all the major […]