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  • I am a businessman. Many of you are too, though you may not all realize it. If you hold a job, whether you own the business or not, you are in business. The business you work for is your “customer”. I have grown up with the concept of business. At 10-years-old, my younger brother and… Read More »

  • Changing a Light Bulb

    I am not known for mechanical aptitude, as those who know me well would testify. I am working to change that, though, and while some of you may be afforded a knowing smile by the story that follows, I hope that others will learn from my experience and be inspired to gain an aptitude of… Read More »

  • Something clicked. On a brief walk in the early morning open-air, I ran through the possible topics for this morning’s entry and settled strongly on “scheduling”. On my return, I sat down with God for a few moments and, for the first time in a long time, broke down the remainder of my morning into… Read More »

  • As a happily married man of nearly 5 months now, it’s been a struggle to maintain a consistent sleeping schedule. It has been a happy give and take between time with my wonderful wife and time sleeping. I’ve known all along, though, that in the long run, if I don’t take the time for rest… Read More »

  • I changed the design on my blog this morning. It took a bit of time and I’ve still got a ways to go, but we’re nearly there. A huge thanks for the excellent work of Chris Pearson as his Cutline theme. Using the design work of another has been a “no no” in my mind… Read More »