• Lucifer Again

    Lucifer Again

    I didn’t feel the nerves this time. I was surprised I didn’t. For a moment, I worried that I didn’t. Two years ago, when I’d begun my acting foray, I’d felt a lot of nerves. This time, even reprising the same role, I had thought I’d feel some nerves, some uncertainty. I hadn’t, though, and… Read More »

  • Value of an App Store

    Value of an App Store

    I’ve been thinking and writing about the idea of an “App Store” for WordPress for a few years now and the time is feeling increasingly right for it to happen. Read More »

  • Growing a SaaS in WordPress

    For a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business wanting to grow, the WordPress ecosystem, now powering more than 43%¹ of the web, offers more opportunity than ever. Its decentralized nature² presents a challenge, especially for those new to the ecosystem. It’s a challenge, though, readily solved through partnerships, presence, and contribution. Read More »

  • Using The Loop To Grow A WordPress Product Company

    For product companies trying to grow, whether bootstrapped, raising money, or positioning for an acquisition, a lack of traction in the WordPress ecosystem is especially challenging In this piece, we’ll walk through the three problems I’ve identified in growing a product company, introduce a growth strategy, talk through the foundation needed to execute the strategy,… Read More »

  • Are WordPress Product Businesses Undervalued?

    As we’re working towards and in advisory conversations with product company founders, a recurring topic is valuation. What’s a WordPress product business worth? My hypothesis is that WordPress product businesses are consistently undervalued. Why? I see three key reasons. Read More »