• Using The Loop To Grow A WordPress Product Company

    For product companies trying to grow, whether bootstrapped, raising money, or positioning for an acquisition, a lack of traction in the WordPress ecosystem is especially challengingIn this piece, we’ll walk through the three problems I’ve identified in growing a product company, introduce a growth strategy, talk through the foundation needed to execute the strategy, then offer specific guidance for founders putting the strategy to work. Read More »

  • Are WordPress Product Businesses Undervalued?

    As we’re working towards and in advisory conversations with product company founders, a recurring topic is valuation. What’s a WordPress product business worth? My hypothesis is that WordPress product businesses are consistently undervalued. Why? I see three key reasons. Read More »

  • Governing the Guild

    Governing the Guild

    #With governing a guild, the key problem I see us signing up for is decision making. Who decides who can join? Who decides how member resources are allocated? Lesley Sims pointed me to Elinor Ostrom’s book, Governing the Commons, and as I’ve dug in I’m forming what I think is a clear sense of direction. Read More »

  • A Newcomer’s Guide to WordCamps

    WordCamps are part of the essential magic of WordPress. They connect community (including newcomers!) to each other, inspire attendees with what’s possible in WordPress, and encourage (and empower) people to contribute, which makes WordPress (and the ecosystem) better for us all. Read More »

  • A Guild for WordPress Product Businesses

    I’ve been thinking about the benefits and tradeoffs of decentralization and my hypothesis is that the concept of a guild for WordPress product businesses might be just the thing we need to mitigate the tradeoffs of decentralization faced by extenders. So I started doing some research. Read More »