• Five weeks in

    Five weeks in

    I started work on upgrading my personal operating system with a fairly straightforward motivation. For years, I’ve been experimenting with tiny habits that require 5 minutes or less to complete and I’ve found that they work well for me. There are worthwhile efforts, though, that simply require more than 5 minutes per day and where… Read More »

  • Progress

    I’m 5 days in to running the upgrade to my personal operating system. A couple of highlights so far. Day Planning Historically, I haven’t been one to plan out my day except around what’s already on the calendar. With now roughly 2 hours of additional items that I want to get done within a given… Read More »

  • With 38 just behind me, I’ve been thinking ahead over this past week about the mental “operating system” I use to manage my life, particularly how and where I invest my time and energy. My experiment with tiny habits, has gone on for over 5 years now and habits have become a core part of… Read More »

  • Failure

    In Andy Weir’s Project Hail Mary, there’s a key moment where they’re trying to decide whether to create new tools or to create an environment with gravity where existing tools will work. They decide to do the latter, reasoning that it’s far better to use tools that have gone through millions of hours of testing,… Read More »

  • Thirty-Eight


    It’s been 19 and a half years since I wrote my first entry, just over half my life ago. I’ve been feeling the itch to write again for a bit. Joshua has been crushing it lately, which has been part of my inspiration. I’ve also had more folks express appreciation for my writing and encourage… Read More »