• I’ve been thinking about the benefits and tradeoffs of decentralization and my hypothesis is that the concept of a guild for WordPress product businesses might be just the thing we need to mitigate the tradeoffs of decentralization faced by extenders. So I started doing some research. I love contrast (most of the time) and these […]

  • Monetizing an Ecosystem Plugin

    I continue to see ecosystem plugins as big opportunities in WordPress. An ecosystem plugin is an extension (i.e. plugin) of WordPress that: Introduces a suite of functionality for a specific audience (more than just a “feature”) Provides an integration layer (i.e. API) for additional functionality (e.g. via third-party extensions and integrations) Influences and shapes its […]

  • I recently learned about the free rider problem in open source, which occurs under the following conditions: When everyone can use a resource, with no limits on their usage. When the resource itself requires resources to produce. WordPress itself, both as a project and an ecosystem, is affected by the free rider problem. WordPress itself […]

  • Opportunities

    While, in general, there are countless opportunities around us there are times in our lives where we notice them more than others. Becoming aware of the volume of opportunities, for me, can leave me feeling somewhat paralyzed. I want it all, and there aren’t enough hours in the day nor resources available to me to […]

  • I found it particularly difficult giving a talk on a topic I’m passionate about in front of so many of my friends. I loved it, though, am happy with how it turned out and I loved the opportunity to be back at a WordCamp. If you’re interested in the topic of growing a product business […]