Life’s sudden changes

Boy, life has a way of throwing some surprises every now and then :). In the past week, my life has changed in a very very dramatic way. I’ll fill you guys in on it soon!

In the meantime, all the projects that I’ve been working on have been put on hold. Everything’s paused :). The next few weeks of my life will be demanding all my attention.

For many of you this is a bit of a surprise, some of you already know. If we’ve been working on something together, don’t worry, I’ll make sure that I take care of my responsibilities as I’m able. If you haven’t heard from me and have been waiting, just send me an email and I’ll get back to you, sirjonathan[at]gmail(dot)com.

Life is pretty crazy right now and it’s been a serious challenge. To give you guys a bit of an idea until I’m able to share the “whole story”, I got a call from my family, they needed some serious help, so I packed everything up and headed down to help them. I felt it was something that I needed to do and, most importantly, I felt that it was something God was calling me to do.

The next few weeks are going to be crazy ;). I’m recovering from a pretty serious cold at the moment, which isn’t all that nice! Looking forward to getting well!

You guys are all awesome, I appreciate your support and I’ve really appreciated you guys for checking up on me and making sure I’m alright. You’re the best :).

God bless and I look forward to writing again!


8 thoughts on “Life’s sudden changes

  1. Mandy


    I speak blessings (chuckle) on you and what you’re doing. Stay warm, safe, and know you can always give me a call if you need. Take care, Jonathan. I trust you are taking the right course of action for your life. God bless and God speed.


  2. Suz


    I check in every once in a while, sorry to hear that your family is going through a rough time, but we both know that things happen for a reason. Enjoy the time with your family, i hope they enjoy having an amazing young man like you ‘home’ with them!!



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