While, in general, there are countless opportunities around us there are times in our lives where we notice them more than others.

Becoming aware of the volume of opportunities, for me, can leave me feeling somewhat paralyzed.

I want it all, and there aren’t enough hours in the day nor resources available to me to take advantage of the opportunities.

How do you choose, then? How do you filter through the possibilities available to you?

What I’ve found helpful is to start with value. What do I care about? What’s consistent with the choices I’ve made so far and want to keep making?

I have five questions I ask myself, sometimes consciously, often subconsciously, when sorting through opportunities:

  1. Am I curious about this?
  2. Is there value I can create here?
  3. Does this opportunity open new opportunities?
  4. Does this opportunity offer a chance to build on something else?
  5. How much potential does this opportunity have for greater impact?

When it’s a yes across the board, I go for it. If it’s an opportunity that affects others, I’ll often use an Impact Filter to help clarify my thinking.