In no particular order, here are some of the projects I’m working on these days:

  • Crossword – (Mostly) weekly podcast with my friend Luke Carbis, perspectives on WordPress and the Open Web.
  • – This project is intended to serve as a guide for decision makers in technology companies to help them figured out WordPress. I believe strongly in sharing my best thoughts and ideas freely and openly and I’ll do so through
  • – This project is intended to help product managers evaluate how well their product integrates with WordPress, including Open Rank.
  • – A tiny project (with a minorly ambitious roadmap) designed to help site owners discover new plugins.
  • – Helping to organize and promote HostCamp, an event focused on advancing WordPress infrastructure. .
  • Tide – Serving as an advisor and working to raise awareness and support for the project.
  • Creating Clients – Recording podcasts and contributing to the community.