Trying Out pMetrics Premium Stats

Trying out pMetrics

About a week ago, I was doing some casual searching for a stats tracking solution. I had been working on an idea for a way to monitor information across my entire network of websites from a single location. So far, while I had a few possibilities in mind, none of the programs out there quite fit the bill. I wasn’t just interested in a program that could monitor traffic for me, I needed something I could customize to display other important information as well.

Then I found pMetrics. And it looks like I found it the very day that it launched! :)

The feature that immediately sold me, above and beyond its nice interface and thorough stats tracking, was the ability to export the data via RSS. Eventually I’ll be taking those RSS feeds and encorporating them into a backend manager for my various website networks.

I signed up and immediately logged in to upgrade my account to premium. Quite humorously, it took me several minutes to figure out how to purchase a premium account without waiting for the trial to end, which I’m suggesting that they change as they continue work on the site.

In the first week, I’m extremely happy with the service and, as soon as they give me the ability to test it out on multiple sites *hint hint*, I’ll be looking forward to rolling it out on a few of my other projects.

More on pMetrics as time goes on, for now, I suggest giving it a try. The price is right.. *grins*.. for sites under 1000 uniques a day it’s free and once you pass that, it’s only a few dollars a month.

Link: Check out pMetrics stats tracking (my personal referral link)