Wold Family Currency

I started an experiment with my kids recently that might inspire you with an idea for your own kids.

I wrote Tiny Habits for my kids, to encourage them to form tiny habits of their own. This last weekend, I helped them each setup their first tiny habit: 5 minutes of cleaning.

Once they’ve completed their habits for the day, I give them a “Wold Coin”. I bought the coins from a craft store along with a wood burner and made them myself. I’m happy with how they turned out!

My kids can then spend those coins in the “Wold Store”.

So far, my store offers two items for purchase:

  1. Video production – I’ll film and produce one 2-3 minute video for a coin.
  2. Website development – I’ll setup a new website for 10 coins.

My daughter (5) is having me produce YouTube videos for a private channel.

My son (8) is saving up for his first website. (Which will be on WordPress, of course!).

The experiment is in it’s early days and I’m curious to see where it goes.