WordPress Tips: Queueing Up Content

If you run a niche blog, or any blog for that matter, queueing content (time delayed posting) in advance can really save you a lot of time and headache. Whether you’re posting private label content or your own writing, having it all prepared up in advance and scheduled to post automatically can be a huge time saver.

Here’s how:

1. Login to your wordpress Admin and ‘Write’ a new post.

2. Before you click publish, hit ‘Advanced Editing’

3. Scroll down and ‘Edit Time’ – Using the 24 hour format, schedule how many hours, days, weeks, etc, in advance, you’d like your post to show.

4. Hit publish! – Voila! Your post will appear on the blog when its time.

Get out there and start posting!


3 thoughts on “WordPress Tips: Queueing Up Content

  1. Anonymous

    What you’re forgetting is that WordPress will only ping pingomatic or any other ping servers that you’ve inputed when you originally input the content NOT at the scheduled time. So this is a self defeating suggestion.

    You need an application that will auto blog for you AS WELL AS PING THE PING SERVERS!


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