3 Communication Killers

Just a few days ago, over lunch, I was reminded of a lesson I had learned, and forgotten almost a year ago. I’m always seeking to improve how I communicate with others and it was during one of my “learning experiences” that this old lesson was brought back to me.

There are 3 killers of communication:

• Almost nobody wants to hear what you’ve got to say

• Almost nobody will listen to or read all that you’ve said

• Almost everybody will misunderstand some part or all of your message

My good friend and mentor Paulie Sabol wrote an article that explains how to deal with these 3 communication killers. Check it out here!

In other news, the Youthcove Newsletter went out yesterday! Its the biggest newsletter mailing I’ve EVER sent, so I was very proud of that. A lot of hard work went into getting that one ready and it was really a new phase in writing for me, so I really hope you guys enjoyed it!

I’m working hard on preparing for the upcoming Brainstorm this Wednesday, and I’m really getting excited about it. There’s going to be a LOT of work involved and it’s going to be very challenging, yet I really think it’s going to be far more than worth the effort. Alright, and I’ll admit I’m even a little bit nervous about it ‘cuz I really want it to go well.. I’ll just give it my very best :).

And I thiiink that’s just about it.. I’ve got some major stuff going on in my life right now, but I’m not quiiite ready to share it ;). Soon though!

Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold