8 hours of CSS

My eyes hurt.. I’ve decided that, no matter what, I’m going to go play basketball tomorrow. The fresh air and excersise will do me a LOT of good.

I’ve been able to do a lot of awesome stuff on the computer these past few days, but uhh.. gotta make sure I’m taking good care of myself. When I look away from the computer and its still there (ok, its not THAT bad).. that’s bad ;).

I had some trouble with my blog the other night, so it didn’t show up until this morning, though I made sure it was written ;).

So I got up this morning, and after a cold shower, worship, and some time catching up on some emails, going over some plans with my partner Matt Geri, and cleaning my room, I was ready to get rolling!

I originally had only set aside 2 hours for reading about and learning CSS. I went into primetime ‘mode’, in which I don’t allow any distractions, and I read. I read.. and I kept on reading.. and then I started doing research. I began looking all over the internet.. up and down.. high and low.. Looking for all the information I could find on CSS..

..and boy, did I find it!

Oh, and for those of you who don’t yet know what CSS is.. it stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Its a way of controlling layout (the stuff that you see) on a webpage. Its a sort of ‘new’ thing in the web design world.. not actually new, but only recently taking on a widespread appeal. Most webpages are design using something called tables, which contro the appearance of content on the page. CSS eliminates the need for tables, which can cause all sorts of problems, and instead, frees up the webpage to display as it should, to load fast, and to be compatible on all sorts of levels with your visitors computers.

I have a LOT of work ahead of me, and I’m going for a mastery of the CSS language. Matt is also looking at CSS with a renewed interest and will probably be joining me!

The whole idea here is..

I’m continuing my education. Instead of just sitting back and going off of what I know, I’m learning new things. I’m learning things that are going to make a difference in the way that I sell web design and in the way that I deliver web design. It’ll allow me to provide an even greater level of high quality service for my customers :).

Speaking of which, I FINALLY made some updates to my web design business site at blueflamedg.com! Yeah, its about 2 days old but still new far as this blog is concerned. I’m excited that I finally got something done! Since all of our business so far has been word of mouth, Matt and I have lacked the motivation to really do much with Blueflame. Now, with my renewed interest in web design, I’ll be throwing my hat back in the ring and stepping things up!

Its exciting :).

In other news, Youthcove.com, my community for young entrepreneurs, recently passed 8000 posts and 1500 threads! I’m very proud and I look forward to our one year anniversary! It also reminds me of just how much there is still left to DO!

I’ve got 4 days, as of tomorrow, till the next Youthcove newsletter goes out.. yikes.. I better get busy ;).

I’ve also got a website to deliver!

Alright, tomorrow’s another day.. Time to tell my girlfriend goodnight and off to bed I go! Goodnight world!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

8 hours on CSS!