After midnight

I changed the date so it would show for the 22nd, even though its really the 23rd now ;).

Today was really cool.. I slept in, spent some time with my girlfriend (she’s awesome!!) and then went off to church. Amae drove me this morning and we had a bit of fun getting lost.. ok, so it wasn’t tooo much fun.. LA drivers are NUTS! :P

After lunch at church I headed home and took a nap. Hmm.. dreams..

I have crazy dreams.. crazy like you wouldn’t believe. My dreams are almost always a playback of the days events, except.. all mixed up. People and events from all throughout my day will play back in a series of ‘stories’ in my dreams.. its very strange!

I’ve talked to people about whether or not they can ‘control’ their dreams. Its something I used to struggle with when I was little.. I would have this very strange nightmare in which everything was ‘moving’.. moving really really fast, spinning out of control.. and it would drive me crazy! Sometimes it would even happen when I was half awake, the room would look like it was spinning..

Then I grew up a bit and it stopped.. phew. I was about 8 or so when I was going through that. As I grew older I began to slowly be able to control my dreams, up until about 2 years ago when it just ‘clicked’.. I had a few dreams where I was able to control everything, even to moving back and forth through time.

And then, its never been an issue since then. There will be some times where I’ll ‘control’ something, but its just not an issue. Now my dreams are all replays of the days events.. with every once in a long while a dream that is about just one thing and usually means something..

Ok, enough about dreams ;).. This is what happens when I write in my journal past midnight.. yeesh..

So a few cool things happened tonight!

I saw some really good stuff in the youthcove community this evening! Haven’t had a chance to reply to them all, so I’ll have to hop on that tomorrow night ;).

Speaking of hopping, got a very surprising email from my partner Derek this morning! He said he wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not, but he went ahead and got a new design done for Hostingfrog. Its VERY good! Its not totally what I’m looking for, but wow.. he found a guy who gave us a bid of how much he’d charge and then said he’d be willing to take the money when we could pay. I’m very impressed and I’m looking forward to meeting him! I was very pleasantly surprised with Derek taking the action he did.. it was awesome :).

HMM.. what else..

Oh yeah! I’m going to be meeting up with Victor tomorrow.. err.. today ;). He’s a member of Youthcove whom I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know these past few months. Brilliant young man who’s really taken his business stuff seriously. I’m very proud of him! We’re gonna shoot some hoops at the beach tomorrow and just hang out for awhile. Looking forward to it!

Alright, time for THIS young man to get to bed.. I was helping Amae out with her iPod and Mac issues today.. hehe.. I don’t mind working on Macs, just not my favorite ;). That iPod thing is pretty nifty though.. hehe..

Alright, goodnight world! Oh.. and I don’t need to tell you to check out Jessi’s blog again do I? You’ve already bookmarked it.. gooood.. :)


-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Hmmm.. taking a nap! :)