Category: Old Entries

  • My girlfriend sent this to me and I had a great laugh this morning. Decided that I just had to pass it along :). 2005 is just about over so how about some thoughts for the year! You know you’re living in 2005 when: 1.) You accidentally enter your password on a microwave. 2.) You… Read More »

  • One Year Anniversary

    Today, exactly one year ago,, as it is now, was launched. I put a lot of work into that baby and its served me well. Now its time for a remodel ;). I got started early this afternoon and have been working on it throughout the day. I’m liking it! Its a lot different… Read More »

  • Well well well, here we are again and its 2 AM! To blog or to sleep.. Well, definitely sleep, but first, how about a blog update? ;) After going through a bunch of hesitations about switching from Blogger to WordPress, I’m just about solid on the decision and, even more importantly, just about ready to… Read More »

  • Wow.. what an overload ;). I’ve been in ‘Niche Marketing’ for months now and I’ve been doing very well. A few of my websites have worked together and pulled in close to $200 dollar days, which is a great starting point! But tonight I had a bit of a revelation.. My new advancements into building… Read More »

  • When you’re busy expanding your virtual empire, every now and then you’ve gotta look home and see how the wife and kids are doing ;). And, since I don’t have any wife and kids, I have to at least check and see how the house is doing. In this case, is the virtual house,… Read More »