Alive And Kickin’!

Wow its late!

I was just about to head off to bed and then I realized.. I forgot something! I’ve been back for nearly 3 days and I haven’t updated my blog yet!

Well, given that it is now officially wayyy past my bedtime, I’m not going to spend too much time on updates just yet. Suffice to say, I’ve had quite an adventure over the past month! I’ve traveled through California, Indiana, Ohio, Tenessee, Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, Kansas, Illinois, and Oklahoma! Its been quite a trip ;). I attended the graduation of a very good old friend of mine in North Carolina, spent time visiting my friends back in California, and then spent two very short weeks with my girlfriend and her family helping them move. I’m still a bit sore from that one! It was worth it though ;).

Now I’m in the beautiful state of Indiana, sharing an apartment with my good friend Matt Geri who’s here for 3 months from Ireland. We’ve already accomplished a LOT together these past few days and even just thinking about the next few months gets me excited.

I’ve still got quite a bit of catching up to do.. several hundred emails with my name on them, a bunch of phone calls, websites to build, the fun never seems to end!

Speaking of which, Matt and I have had a few nice games of basketball.. hehe.. the fact that he hasn’t played in a year (or so he says).. well.. it shows ;).. Its ok Matt, you’ve got time to improve!

..Sometime in the afternoon, Matt and I decided that we were very hungry and we wanted pizza. Having VERY little food here at the house and no means of transportation other than our own two feet, we were in a bit of a pickle. Well.. the feet won out and about 20-30 minutes later we finally made it to CiCi’s Pizza Buffet where I wolved down a nice 16 pieces! Then we ran over to Starbucks and ordered two non-coffee shakes, largest size availible.. THEN we had to walk home! ..that hurt.. and, of course, we just haad to be making jokes and laughing.. that hurt even worse.. I felt like I was pregnant, with twins. We even tried hitchhiking.. with no success :P.

Ah well.. I’ll store that one under “memories”.. I won’t forget it for awhile :). Today was awesome, looking forward to tomorrow!

Goodnight World! Its GREAT to be back!

-Jonathan Wold