All nice and sore!

Maaan has it been another long day! A very good one, but soo long! I’m in some serious pain right now.. *grins*..

Ted and I went out to play basketball today ; ). We shot around for awhile then got into our game of 21. A few other guys were on the court playing around and finally they started pulling together into a group. They invited us to play and then waited while Ted and I finished up our game. Ted decided to step out so it wound up being a 3 on 3.

First of all, we were playing street rules. Which pretty much means that there aren’t many :P. Second.. these kids were very well built and they had some serious skill. Our game lasted for almost an hour (if not over) and by the end I’d been smashed around quiitte nicely.. We played an awesome game though and my teammates and I pulled away at the end for a 14 to 11 finish. neck hurts.. legs hurt..

But it was fun! :P. I haven’t had a chance to play a real game in forever and that was DEFINITELY a real game.

Alright, back to the world of entrepreneurs..

Today, Ted and I took our marketing experience to a whole new level. We’ve decided to run a series of tests on some of the sites we’re working on using something called, “The Taguchi Method”.

Its a formula for testing variations in just about anything. So here’s what we did:

We came up with 11 different variables for the website we’re testing on. Things like background color, font size, text positioning, banner graphics, etc.. Each of those variables had 2 or 3 options.. Background color could be blue, green, or gray.. etc.. etc. Finally, we used the Taguchi formula and came up with 18 different variations that encorporated a mathematically predetermined assortment of variables.

Now we have 18 websites with a spread of our variables. Over the next 2 weeks, we’ll be checking each one to see how they perform and then taking all the top ones to figure out what exactly works the best :).

Here’s the amazing part.. this is the equivalent to testing over 10,000 individual variations!! That means if we did this all one by one, we’d have to go through over 10,000 different websites.. that’d be a pain!

So, I’m very excited.. setting it up was quite a pain but now we’re good and now we wait to see how the websites perform :).

Alright! This beat up kid needs some sleep! Got a bunch of stuff to catch up on tomorrow :).

Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Getting beat up in basketball and going on to win anyway ; ).

P.S. Be sure to check out my friend Joshua’s blog at – He just got started blogging today so make sure to stop on by and say hi! Josh is an awesome young man who’s already had a lot of experience in the Hosting industry at the ripe age of 15. Go get ’em bro! : )