Amino acids reduce muscle soreness!

That’s right! ‘Bout 2 weeks ago I went and had a really nice game of basketball, 3 hours long, followed by a good 4-5 days of pain and near immobility. I played realllly hard and it didn’t help that I hadn’t done so in quite awhile ;).

And so! Amae recommended that next time I play basketball I take a dose of this amino acid stuff BEFORE I played and it would stop my muscles from aching so badly. She explained that when you excersise your body gets what it needs directly from your muscles, which leave them sore and aching afterwards.. taking the amino acids gives your body enough of the stuff so that it doesn’t have to extract from your poor muscles. So I did it!

Today, the next day, I feel great! My legs are a bit sore and there is a slight soreness over the rest of my body, but NOTHING like last time. Anyway, just thought I’d share :).

I wanna throw some props out for my good friend Josh Garofalo. He’s been really working his butt off on learning HTML and he’s doing a REALLY good job. He made his first internet purchase today as well! That’s just something you don’t see everyday.. a talented boxer becoming an expert with computers ;). Josh is a really fast learning.. keep it up bro!

..I spent over 8 hours today working on learning PHP, and its paying off. Amae’s site is ALMOST done, and its about time. I’ve got to wrap things up very soon as my time in LA is really starting to wind down! Its been an incredible experience though, and its far from over!

I found something rather cool today. Head on over to MSN Search and type in “Jonathan” .. let me know what you think ;).

All in all, just a really good day.. boyy are my eyes tired.. Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Starting off with PHP and then STICKING to it! :) Thanks for the help Matt!