An Awesome Sunday!

Today’s been an awesome day :). I’ve got a LOT of stuff done and I’m getting to bed on time.. absolutely amazing! ;).

This morning we had the Youthcove Brainstorm Session. That went very well and a huge thanks again to all the participants. Thanks to my bro Matt for moderating :). Its not like you had much work to dooo.. *smiles*.. but its the thought that counted ; ). My good friend Ted was our “guest expert” and shared a bunch of really cool marketing insight with the group. It was an awesome event!

After that, Ted and I headed out to the park for a game of Basketball. There was a slight hint of rain but we went out and played anyway. Towards the end of the game, he was up 18-13 and then it started to realllly rain. I hung on and started to play a much stronger defence and stuck it out long enough to pull out a niice finish at 21-18.. The series is now 6-3.. and I have a very strong feeling Ted is FAR from done ; ). He’s a serious guy!

My brother Joshua called me a few times and missed me, I then called him back and we had a good chat. He’s doing some AWESOME graphic art work and he gave me a sneak preview of his new site.. wow.. its hot stuff.. can’t wait to show you guys.. the kid’s got talent! ;)

I launched a brand new site of mine today and I’m looking forward to see how my advertising campaigns go over the next couple of days :). If it does well, this’ll be a passive income milestone for me, even if its just a small one :). I’ll keep you guys posted on that.

I built a basic site for a good friend of mine. She was going to be a client but we decided that it probably wouldn’t be the best for all involved so I just stuck a quick site up to help her out as much as possible :).

Alright, I’m excited about tomorrow! Got LOTS to do and I’m looking forward to taking it on! OH, what do you guys think of:

Hehehe.. let me know what you guys think ; ). That was put together by a very talented young man I met just within the past few weeks.

Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold

Highlight of my day:

Being able to spend time and talk with my girlfriend through all the chaos :).