And another day bites the dust!

I’m still alive! Slowly but surely the sickness is dying.. going away! vanishing! Trouble though is the keyword.. slowly. Today my throat was much better. My nose decided to act up though, as was evidenced by an entire trash can full of used tissues. Lovely.

Today was a good day! Started off a bit slow with me playing catch up on old emails and taking care of some clients.

Then I got to work on Amae’s stuff, teaching her dreamweaver, updating her site, working on some new graphics, and then working on some advanced PHP stuff, which I’m really happy about!

Matt and I had a good time together today! He’s doing some AWESOME work on his upcoming remodel of I’ll let you guys know when its live so you can take a look ;).

We went over a bunch of our plans together and talked about lists, copywriting, marketing, all that fun stuff. Its so awesome to be able to bounce your ideas off of someone and to just be able to share. Having Matt there has helped me in so many different ways, its incredible. He’s been a constant source of encouragement for me.. a solid reality check when I’ve needed one.. a source of knowledge over and over again.. and always willing to help me out. You rock bro! :)

I’ve got some big stuff coming up with Youthcove over the next few days. Tomorrow is March 1st and if you’ve taken a look at the Youthcove site.. well.. not much to see. That’s a long, and a sad story.. and one that should have been told quite awhile ago. I’ll be explaining very soon and doing my absolute best to set things straight.

And so with that, I’m going to close by.. uhmm.. writing a poem! Hmm.. what topic.. uhmm.. slippers! Here it goes:

So here I am,
On a cold and dreary night.
All dressed for bed,
And no slippers in sight.

My toes feel cold now,
As through my socks they wiggle.
I go quiet and I listen,
I listen for a giggle.

‘Cuz see my slippers just aren’t normal,
They’re made of wool from sheep!
And I’ve heard that some are strange,
‘Cuz they giggle in they’re sleep!

Now mind you its not a fact,
I don’t know if its for sure..
But gosh I know I miss them,
‘Cuz its cold tonight and.. brrr..

I need my slippers!

..Hmm.. well now ya know what happens when I get sick ;). I can do better next time, honest!.. *grins*..

Goodnight World! More updates from the event tomorrow.

-Jonathan Wold

Highlight of my day:

Building a PHP script that did EXACTLY what I wanted it to do and doing it on my own!