And he shall be called.. Daniel!

Yup! Its official! My new baby brother’s name is.. Daniel! My mom and stepdad haven’t decided on a middle name yet, but they’re working on it. Its up in the air with either Jeremiah or Joseph right now. It was REALLY cool seeing my family, and especially my new baby brother :).

I had a really good time!

I ALSO had time to work on the upcoming newsletter annnd for something else I’m really excited about. I haven’t announced it officially yet, but we’re going to be having a new brainstorm coming up pretty soon.. The topic, though not completely concrete yet, is going to be along the lines of “Internet Marketing: Driving Traffic”.. I’m really excited about it, the brainstorm isn’t going to be like anything else we’ve done before :).

And with that, I’m off to bed early to get up early! I’m excited about tomorrow, we’ve got a LOT of work to do with the summer project, a lot happened in my absense. Matt, Mandy, Paulie, and the rest of the team went fishing while I was gone and made a lot of progress with the business. Looking forward to catching up with that :).

Alright guys, have an AWESOME rest of the week! Looking forward to updating you!

-Jonathan Wold

P.S. Check out my little brother’s website! Josiah Wold at He’s done a BUNCH of good work :). Send him a message hello!