Another week bites the dust!

Wahoo! And I’m still alive! :). Its been an incredible week up here in Portland and at the same time, one that I am very happy to put on the shelf. Ted and I have been working very hard on a bunch of projects together and on some of our own.

I finally went through and prioritized a bunch of things in my life. It seems to be a bi-monthly routine for me.. I sort things out, they calm down, then time goes by and new challenges fly at me. I’m getting better and better at it though.. its just something that takes practice.

I’m getting a lot better at saying no. Funny as it may seem, that’s a big deal.. if you don’t know when and where to say no, people will, unintentionally or not, take advantage of it. I’m always more than willing to help others out in anyway that I can, I’ve just realized that I can’t always say yes, at the very least I have to take a moment to think about it.. “Will I have the time?” I’m getting much much better :).

My good friend Josiah and I are scheduled for an interview either this weekend or sometime during the week. Josiah owns a company that specializes in RSS technology. I’ll save all the info for later.. its gonna be good though, Josiah is an awesome young man :).

To prepare for the interview, I did a BUNCH of research on RSS feeds. Along the way I discovered that my feed wasn’t reading properly! Since then, I’ve updated the feed and its working beautifully now.

Don’t know what a feed is? Head over to my FeedBurner Page and click on the “introduction” link. A feed is a really cool way of staying up to date on people. You can get programs that will scan all your favorite blogs and automatically let you know when there’s been an update! To subscribe to my feed and get automatically notified when there’s something new on my blog, scroll down and click one of the Feed links on the bottom right.

Now that I’ve finally got my OWN Google account setup, I’ve been playing around with some ads! I’m REALLY excited about the results I’ve been getting and I’m seriously considering putting together a beginner’s guide to the basics of making money on Google. Its amazing the things that you can do and how EASY it is.. There are thousands of people out there spending hours each day on the computer doing next to nothing when they could be building a virtual empire and earning more money than they count.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to start planning out a few new sites of mine. These are sites I am NOT going to be doing on my own. Matt and I are partnering together on a top secret niche market we’ve just found TODAY and I’m really looking forward to working with him on that. We’re going to see how that goes.. two heads are always soo much better than one, especially when you’re working together and you understand each other.

After these couple of experiments I’m going to be interested in doing some more. Who knows, maybe someone out there who wants to give internet marketing a go might be interested ;). There is definitely a lot of work involved, but it can be worth it. Meanwhile, Matt and I are going to test our ideas and see how they work :).

And that’s just about that! Tomorrow I’m gonna catch up on some much needed rest and get ready for the weekend. Sunday is the first official Youthcove Brainstorm in the past few months and I am REALLY looking forward to that.. I’ve got some exciting surprises to pull up! ;)

Have an awesome weekend guys!!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Hitting up on a great idea with Matt and then immediately taking action!