Back from Chicago!

(Had some posting trouble so this wound up not showing till the next morning)..

Been out and about like crazy for the past few days, starting with an event Matt, myself, and the gang attended on Thursday all the way to a trip to Navy Pier this afternoon. I’ve been learning a lot and had a LOT of fun! Matt and I met a number of really cool people at the event on Thursday/Friday. We went to the “Wealth Retreat” hosted by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen. It was awesome.. I learnt a LOT about sales just by watching them in action.

Alright.. I’m being warned that it’s way past bedtime.. ‘dern it!

I’ve got lots of stuff to say though!.. Alright, alright..

Well tomorrow better be goood then..

..Yeah.. being up at 1 does crazy stuff to you :). I’m quite ready to get my “sane” sleep schedule back now. Indeed.. quite ready..

Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold

Highlight of my day:

Visiting our good friends Elmie and Patrick in Chicago, along with Donna and Joey. It was awesome! :)