Back from Phoenix!

Yup I’m back! I made it! I’m alliive! My legs were killing me for awhile there, which is a good indicator that I’ve spent WAY too much time on the computer and is a good hint that I need to start spending more time outside.. which I’ve begun doing ;).

I got back from ‘The Internet Marketing Main Event’ (.com) on Tuesday, just 2 days ago. It was QUITE an adventure! I learned a lot and met a ton of people! Over the next few days I’ll be summarizing and posting up my review/lessons/action steps from each of the speakers. I’ll put some of it up here and the rest over in the Youthcove Community.

One of my best friends and business partners, Matt Geri, left Ireland for South Africa today! He’s going down there to spend ’bout 2 weeks with his family on vacation!

Just before he left, he kicked off with the re-launch of He’s put a LOT of work into that site and it shows! Awesome stuff Matt! Keep it up!

And with that.. I concede not defeat, but the eminent and ever powerful tide of the evening doeth beckon! It calls, unrelentless and unforgiven, it calls me to sleep, off to the seemingly endless depths of slumber and solitude, lost deep within the confines of time and space eternal. Yes, all but the inevitable has happened, and as I write down these last few words of the evening, I look out my window, to the darkness, to the thousands of acorns scattered across my street, and back to my lonely computer screen.

..So this is what it’s like to be hungry ;)..

Goodnight World! Perhaps tomorrow shall bring even more sanity!