Back from.. Wisconsin!

Hey guys! I’ve returned!

After a long car ride and two bus trips, I’ve made it back safely to Indiana! I had an AWESOME time with my family in the Wisconsin Dells! We met up with my grandpa in Chicago, spent the night there, and then off we went! I didn’t really have any idea of where we were going or what it’d be like.. until we got there ;).

Yeah, its pretty.. very pretty :). We spent 3 days in the dells and as anyone who’s been there knows, nature isn’t the only thing they’ve got around here.. hehee..

I went to my first waterpark! We spent the entire afternoon at “Noah’s Ark – America’s Largest Waterpark”.. We had a GREAT time and I got a serious tan, it was awesome! My mom, step-dad, and youngest brother, Daniel, stayed behind while Grandpa and my two other brothers, Joshua, and Josiah, took to the parks :). We had an awesome time and my grandpa went on alll the rides with us, except “The Point of No Return”. Its a slide over 150 feet off the ground where you clock anywhere from 40-80 miles per hour as you fly down feet first.. I tried to find a picture of it but wasn’t able to just yet ;).

We also went on a land/water tour called the “Wisconsin Ducks”. Check out a picture of the vehicle I found online ;).

All in all, I had an awesome time, just hanging out with my family and having fun in the sun :). I’ll show you guys sumore pictures as I get them!

In other news, it’s gonna take me a few days to get “back into the game”.. I’ve got a lot of thoughts on my mind and even more work to get done. An awesome young man named Patrick is heading up tomorrow to spend a few days here with Paulie and I in Indiana, working with us and learning the ropes of internet marketing. I’m looking forward to that :).

I’m also a bit challenged by the trouble I’ve been having with my server.. its being ornery ;). I think its about time to buy another one.. If anyone has some personal suggestions for server providers they’ve been particular happy with, I’d really appreciate you letting me know :). Either way, I’ll be starting my search after the weekend for a secondary server provider.

Alright guys, I’m off for a much needed night’s rest and I’m looking forward towards another update ;). Take care and have an awesome evening!

Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold