Basketball!!… and then headaches..

Ok.. its 12:24.. I have a pounding headache which has been going at me for a few hours now.. I took a reallly intense hot/cold/hot/cold/hot/cold/hot/cold shower and I felt much better for awhile.. now its worse :P. Soo.. even though I had quite a day, albeit a very lazy one.. I can’t remember much!

I do know that I slept till 11.. my eyes had been bugging me very badly from WAYY too much time on the computer. So I slept, did some drafting on paper of some new sites to work on.. and then I went to the beach!

I was gone and played basketball for THREE HOURS!.. Man, it was awesome!.. Now, putting up with the language was a bit annoying. Here we are, playing 3 on 3.. a couple of older guys and a couple of guys my age.. and the bad words are just FLYING. Everyone but me was cussing left and right, as they made shots, as they missed them, as they got them stolen away by a certain long armed boy.. *grins*.. and so on! Its not something I want to get used to hearing either.

Anyways, besides that it was a lot of fun! I haven’t played a REAL game since Matt Geri and I were roommates, and that was only 1 on 1. I haven’t played a 3 on 3 or more for over a year!

…now the headaches.. well, the main reason is that I didn’t drink water those entire 3 hours. BAD Jonathan, I know.. my girlfriend gave me a short talk about how its important to drink before hand and then just smalll amounts during… hehe, thanks dear! ;)

So other than that, I did almost NONE of my tasks today. I have a list that’s entirely unchecked. I did do a lot of planning on Amae’s site though.. so all and all the day was good :).

..I needed a break too. Just doing the same old list deal day after day after day gets rough. So we’ll see how I do tomorrow :).

Alright, this boy needs to get some rest.. my head is reallly hurting.

Goodnight world!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Playing basketball at the beach and working on Amae’s site