Basketball on the Beach

Ya know what? Today has been a very good day :). I started this morning.. confused.. a bit disillusioned about what to do out of the mass of projects I had waiting for me.. and unsure of most everything.

So.. I prayed about it. Took time away from everything and just read and prayed for awhile. And while I was doing that, I came across something which spoke to me and was very powerful..

“When we give ourselves wholly to God, and in our work follow His directions, He makes Himself responsible for its accomplishment. He would not have us conjecture as to the success of our honest endeavors. Not once should we even think of failure. We are to cooperate with One who knows no failure.”

That there really spoke to me.. I realized that if I am going to truly let God lead in my life, then I have nothing to worry about. With that renewed understanding, I began my day.

I started with Hostingfrog and updated the startup blog with my thoughts on what’s been going on lately. I then had an awesome email exchange with Johnder about the plans for the blog and our future work together.

Then I talked with some people about doing work for them on some websites of theirs. That was really good for me.. I had first talked with the husband, and that had started nearly 2 or so months ago. We had stayed in contact and finally he said the decision would come down talking with his wife about it.

She’s looking to have her personal website completely redone, and to help her build her presence up over the internet. It’ll be quite a project, but I believe I can help them out.

Initially I looked at the opportunity as a way to make some money and take care of some of the financially issues that being an entrepreneur and living on your own can throw at you.. Then I started to see that if this works out, its not about the money. This is a test of what I’m truly capable of.. Can I take someone and really build their name for them? Can I make their presence known all over the internet and be truly PROUD of my work?

I believe I can. I have the talents and I’m gaining the abilities.. and I have awesome partners :)..
So this is really taking things to the next level for me. Its going to be quite a challenge, and I believe I’m up for it. This is also exactly what I’m going to be doing for Aimee. I’m going to putting together a site and then helping her REALLY get her presence known WELL on the internet. This is a big deal! I have some absolutely incredible opportunities here.. I’ve been very blessed :).

So! Speaking of partners.. just gotta throw a link out to one of my best friends, Matt Geri. He recently updated his Xanga blog and gave an awesome testimonial about what’s been going on in his life. It was really encouraging to read and I suport him all the way. He’s without a doubt the best partner I’ve ever had and its a true pleasure working and growing with him, both as christians and as entrepreneurs. You rock bro! :)

Oh YES.. and I got outside today! Aimee didn’t let me argue outta it and she got me to go to the beach.. It was great!

I played basketball!

I also realized I’m outta shape ;). Yeah, the basketball thing was a big deal.. Believe it or not, I wasn’t always as outgoing as I am now ;). Walking up to a court full of tough guys playing basketball and asking if I could join in so wasn’t me..

I didn’t play with the tough boys today, but I did play :). Found a guy practicing on the court and asked if I could join in.. I QUICKLY discovered that I’m a bit rusty, so I’m going to keep up the practicing. Basketball is a sport I really enjoy :).

Then I had the fun walk home just before dark in the streets of Venice.. interesting stuff.. lots of interesting people.. their diversity is so amazing! I’m really enjoying it here :).

Alright, goodnight world!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Uhmm.. updating my startup blog :)