Beautiful Pictures of Oregon!

Wow.. today was awesome.. Ted and I took off this afternoon after a nice break in the rain and went out to the Columbia River Gap. It was absolutely amazing.. This is a place I am DEFINITELY going back to and I’m really hoping that I can take my girlfriend along next time. Looking out at the waterfalls was absolutely amazing and I thought that about the only thing that could make it better would have been to have her there with me. Ah well.. next time! :)

2 days left in Oregon and this will definitely be one of the fondest days in my memory. Check out the pictures! They tell it all! :)

Absolutely beautiful :). I was very very blessed..

Alright, off to bed I go.. LOTS of work to do! Tomorrow is my last main day! Gotta pack all my stuff up! AHH!.. Gonna miss Oregon a lot :).

-Jonathan Wold

Highlight of my day:

Seeing the “Secret” waterfall and being completely at a loss for words.. it was amazing..