Beverly Hills and Chiropractors

Went out and ran some errands with Amae today. We picked up a bunch of groceries at Trader Joe’s and found out that they didn’t carry her organic almond butter anymore! She loves the stuff and I don’t blame her, its reallly good.. so we drove all the way to another Trader Joe’s and picked some up :).

We also wound up running some errands in Beverly Hills. I’d never been before, so it was quite an experience.. entirely overrated if you ask me ;). Lots of nice buildings and trees and plenty of nice cars. People didn’t seem all that friendly though.. maybe those are just the drivers, hehe.

I went to the chiropractor today!

He’s REALLY good.. showed me a lot of important things in some x-rays of my back. I’m healthy and I’m good in shape, but I’m starting to show signs of future back problems ’caused by.. well.. take a guess. WAYY too much sitting. So I’m gonna see what kind of fixes I can come up with. I KNOW I have to do it too, there’s no way I am gonna keep this up a few more years and just let my spine get worse.. heck no :P.

..and then this evening, I started to get a headache, which was a followup to a sore throat I’d been running with all day long..

So tonight, I fought back! I started with some good ‘ole echinachea and cayenne.. boy, powerful stuff.. I took more as the evening wore on and it didn’t really get better..

Then Amae helped.. she cooked up some fresh ginger tea and told me to try some of this cayenne tincture.. its this bottle of liquid cayenne at 250,000 HU strength (that’s hot).. So I poured myself some tea and took the bottle of cayenne.. She had said just a few drops and apparently I heard her wrong. I put in 4 eye droppers FULL of the cayenne.. and uhmm..

It burns. BOY does it burn.. I had to delute it big time and it still burns. I’m gonna drink it all though, and we’ll see what happens ;).

And that’s that.. off to sleep I go! Goodnight world!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Cayenne baby! :P