Birthdays and SNOW

My youngest brother turned 14 day.. wow! I went to see him and my mom up in the foothills and wowww has he grown.. It was great seeing them again. Ok.. I wear a size 11 1/2 shoe.. and my 14 year old brother is already in size 13’s.. Yeah, its pretty scary.. At 6’1, I am destined to become the shortest of my 2 younger siblings, its quite sad.

So I drove up to my little brother’s house today with my good friend Ashley.. that may not seem like a big deal except that I haven’t driven in a lonng time ;). Ashley got here, found out that there was snow up north annd.. “You drive!”.. I did fine ;).

After spending some time up there with mom and my little brother, I drove off to some friends of the Carlton’s and dropped myself off. The snow was really coming down by then.. pretty scary stuff! I had two slips on the way down the hill and, conveniently enough, just as I’m explaining to Ashley how to AVOID slips.

Tonight was a lot of fun.. There were over 12 people at the house and after a big vegetarian unfriendly meal (its ok, the salad rocked) we sat around and played a bunch of games. Its so strange being around families of homeschoolers.. ALLL of us there had been homeschooled and the similarities are uncanny. Anyway.. homeschoolers are an entire topic within themselves.. more on that later ;).

You know.. I’m starting to like this ‘detailed’ journal kinda thing. Naw, I’m not gonna turn this into a recount of every single thing I doo, but its kinda fun!

So what did I learn today? Well.. Oh yes, I had a very interesting experience with a game. Everyone got together and we played this game called, “The Psychologist”.. Guess who got to be the psychologist ;). Yup.. me. The trouble was.. I took it VERY seriously. The entire group started the game by telling me they all had a “problem”.. and I had to figure out what it was. I thought WAY too deep and was going into all sorts of complex things and quite frankly, it was challenging NOT too.. it took over 45 minutes for me to figure out what their ‘problem’ was.. You see, my job was to figure out what the problem was by asking questions. Immediately I knew something was funny.. I’d ask a little girl a question, “How old are you?”.. She’d reply with “52”.. This went on and on.. and here I am trying to figure out this complex way by which people are switching places. And the result? The problem was that everyone thought they were the person to their right.

Had an awesome night and I found that I take things a bit too seriously sometimes.. amazingly ;). I’m really gonna miss the Carlton family.. they’ve been absolutely awesome.

Well, that’s it for now.. Goodnight world!


Daily Action Step:

Spending time with friends :)