Blackberry Pie Recipes

Mmmm.. blackberry pie! There’s nothing much that beats gathering around the dining room table with your loved ones and smiling brightly as a delicious hot blackberry pie is brought out and set down before you. Wow.. makes me hungry!

And ya know what’s rough about that? I’ve never even HAD a blackberry pie! So, beginning with this post, I’m going to begin my quest for a big helping of delicious blackberry pie. I figured I’d begin my quest by looking for a recipe, ‘cuz even if I can’t make it, I have an awesome girlfriend who’s becoming an awesome cook and if I’m realllly nice and ask her verry nicely, there’s a good chance she’d make one for me!

After a little bit of searching, its harder than it looks! I shan’t give up though, blackberry pie shall soon be mine!

And on that thought.. It looks like I’m probably gonna need help. Do any of you know of any reallly good blackberry pie recipes? Know of any good resources to find one? Your comments would be greatly appreciated! Either way, my search has begun. I can’t wait!

-Jonathan Wold

P.S. If anyone has some really cool blackberry pie pictures you’d be willing to share, let me know! I’ll post it up and use it to serve as inspiration!