Blank Stare

uhh.. I’m supposed to be writing my journal now.. Its 11:41 and I just got off the phone with my girlfriend.. she said I have to write in my journal now, soo.. I’m writing in my journal..

*rubs eyes*.. *wakes up a bit*..

She’s awesome :). I’m a very very fortunate young man.. its not just anybody that can put up in and believe in a crazy guy like me..

She believes in me. She really does.. even when she thinks I’m crazy, she still stands there beside me and believes in me. Thanks dear.. that means everything.

..*shakes head and wakes up a bit more*..

Today was a good.. and tough day..

On the good side.. I got my little man finished up! Check him out! :)

Isn’t he cute? :). Joshua drew the body and I drew the hair and shirt! Tomorrow I’m gonna work and see if I can do sumore after my other projects are done.

Don’t doubt your vision

Not everyone will agree with you, in fact, you can count on it. You may even find that you’re in the wrong at times.. perhaps you didn’t make the best decision about something.. perhaps someone knows a better way.

Whether you choose to adopt their way is your decision. If you have a vision you’ve been blessed with, you have to go for it.

Today I had to reach a crossroads of sorts.. and I’m still not all the way through it.

I was making some decisions about Youthcove and people whom I both admire and respect very dearly were bringing up very valid reasons why I should reconsider my actions. I became overwhelmed and even, for a few moments, sunk into self-doubt. I questioned whether I had made the right choice.

Well ya know what? Maybe I didn’t make the right choice.

However, what I did do, and what I’m continuing to do, is that I will stick to my vision. No, that doesn’t mean that its in black and white and that does NOT mean I have all the answers. But I have a vision.. I see what Youthcove can become.. its the whole reason I created Youthcove. And that vision is something I can’t give up for anything.

Visions are shared.

Yeah, there have been times when my ‘vision’ may have lead things astray. Its times like that that my trusted friends and partners (you the man Matt!) have helped lead me back :). And the most important thing to me, is knowing that even if they don’t agree with everything I do.. they support me.

That alone means everything.

I had a talk this evening with a young lady whom I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know better in the past few days. She is wise beyond her years and, though I’ve never met her, I feel a connection. She told me that there are always going to be people who don’t agree with your take on things and I can’t worry about it. She also gave me her support and encouraged me to keep it up :).

She said that God gives certain people visions.. he shows them something that can happen and while others may have pieces of it, he’s blessed them with the key to make it happen. (That’s not EXACTLY how she said it, but uhh.. its late ;).

For me, that means that if I’m doing my absolute best and I believe with all my heart that its the right thing, then I can move on. Even when others doubt, I can move on. No, that doesn’t mean I close myself off to others.. QUITE the contrary.. Their opinions mean even more to me now. I just take them in, give them true consideration, and adapt. Youthcove wouldn’t be ANYWHERE today if it wasn’t for all those who have contributed and given of themselves to make things happen.

Anyways.. its been a lonnng day.. and I surprise myself that these kinds of things still get to me :). I’m learning.. I really am. One day at a time.

Goodnight world, and thanks for putting up with me.. *grins*

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Oh man.. don’t get me started… ok.. uhmm.. updating my personal site ;)