Burning the Midnight Oil

I suppose its actually a good deal PAST midnight now.. oh well, time flies! ;) Wow.. am I ever tired! Today’s been a lonnng day.. and a good one!

I’m going through some interesting challenges right now.. the year is rapidly winding to an end and I’m starting to finally put some real thought into ‘what’s next’. There’s a load of opportunities opening up for me, opportunities in all sorts of directions. I’ve been living and working out here in Indiana as an ‘intern’ of sorts for the past few months and its been an incredible experience. Wouldn’t trade it for anything :).

Time’s moving on though and I’m starting to think more about my future. I’ve never had my own place. I can’t even tell you what its like to truly ‘live on my own’.. Granted, leaving home at 18 was a very strong step in that direction. Yet even with that step, I still haven’t really experienced being ‘on my own’. For almost a year and a half now, I’ve been traveling the country, living, and working with amazing people from all over the United States and around the world. These are times and experiences I wouldn’t trade for anything :)!.. I’ve learned so much.. and I’ve grown!

And so.. its time for me to start thinking about.. ‘what’s next?’..

As a part of that, I’ve realized that I’ve been putting off taking care of my finances!.. Shame Jonathan!.. I haven’t caught up on my accounting and record keeping for a little over a month and a half now, and that’s not very good. Having my own place, and all the costs associated with that, is some serious stuff to think about. Up till now, I’ve known how to make money, I’ve been making money, I’ve been teaching others how to make money, and through all that, I haven’t had a really strong reason to make money and support myself. It just hasn’t been there.

Well.. its time for that to start changing. I’m an internet marketer and even more than that, I’m a full time entrepreneur. I have the resources and where I lack the knowledge, I quickly learn where to find it. Everything’s in place for me, all I’ve been missing is the motivation.

Well.. I’ve got it now :). I want to have my own place next year and to make that happen, I’ve got a lot of work to do between now and then.

..Wow.. quite a few strong thoughts for someone so tired! *smiles*..

My good friend Bo over at Marketing Syndrome.com did an awesome thing today! He put together a complete niche market analysis and has made it available for free through his blog! Every member of his mailing list gets free access to his very well thought out market research and.. they get to watch the results! After leaving the research up for a week to give readers the chance to get started, Bo is gonna try his own hand at niche domination :). I’m participating in this round and I’m excited! Wanna find out which niche? ;).. Well.. you’ll just have to head over and join his list to see! Tell him I said hi! :)

Also, thanks to my good friend Mandy Fintel for directing me to a great post on the Warrior Forum (of which I am a proud new member). I submitted 10 new article requests to the ‘Article Alliance’ to test out their article writing service. Looking forward to seeing how those turn out :).

And on thaat.. I think I’m just about ready for bed! Tomorrow’s a big day, as always ;). I’ve got some work to catch up on, some finances to go over, and some niches to begin dominating! ;)..

Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold