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  • I am a businessman. Many of you are too, though you may not all realize it. If you hold a job, whether you own the business or not, you are in business. The business you work for is your “customer”. I have grown up with the concept of business. At 10-years-old, my younger brother and… Read More »

  • Back in 2009, while I was on my way home from a trip to visit family, I was struggling with a marketing problem – trying to figure out how to build an effective landing page. I prayed about it and I was blessed with a marketing revelation that, while simple and to the point, has… Read More »

  • Looking For Writers!

    Update: I’ve had an amazing response through this post and received interest from a wide variety of talented individuals. As of Summer 2008, I am no longer looking for new writers. If you’re interested in being on my “Writers List”, though, send me an email with a brief biography and some examples of your work.… Read More »

  • Traffic is the lifeblood of the internet. Without it, your webpages don’t do a whole lot but sit around and look pretty and if you’ve taken a look at the majority of websites out there, they rarely even do that ; ). To be a successful niche marketer, you need traffic, and lots of it.… Read More »

  • Just a little over a week ago, on Friday, December 2nd, 2005, I sold my first product. With that sale I was given a first taste of what it’s like to create and sell your own products and.. I’m hooked. So in these few minutes as I start my day and prepare for the rest… Read More »