Looking For Writers!

Update: I’ve had an amazing response through this post and received interest from a wide variety of talented individuals. As of Summer 2008, I am no longer looking for new writers. If you’re interested in being on my “Writers List”, though, send me an email with a brief biography and some examples of your work. As new projects come along, you’ll be notified.

Hey guys! I’m looking for writers!

I’ve got a number of blogs/content sites/etc, that are all starting to pick up traffic (or haven’t even been built yet!) and in all cases, I no longer have the time to do the writing. I’m looking for smart, talented, individuals, willing to work with me and provide or manage content for the websites I’ve built (and am building!) in a bunch of different niches.

If you’ve had experience in writing or even NO experience but a willingness to put your very best into a project, I’d love to work with you! My projects range from small single site blogs to multiple site networks.

As for compensation, I’m open to working a number of things out! I’m willing to pay for content on a ‘per article’ ‘per post’, basis, etc.. or share a percentage of the site revenues, or a number of other things! I love to make deals.

Interested? Send me off an email to sirjonathan(at)gmail(dot)com! If you’ve got any samples of your writing, send them on over. Give me as much information as you can, keep it to the point and let me know that you’re serious. If you’ve got a particular topic you know a lot about or would just like to write about, let me know! I may already have a site in that niche or may just build one!

Be warned that not all the topics I have are ‘fun’ to write about. It’ll be a challenge!

And that’s just about that. Serious inquiries only. Send your emails on over and I look forward to hearing from each of you!

-Jonathan Wold

11 thoughts on “Looking For Writers!

  1. Rick

    I’m a former teacher/sales rep starting into writing and presenting for a living.

    Topics: Education (especially classical education)

  2. Rick

    I’m a former teacher/sales rep starting into writing and presenting for a living.

    Topics: Education (especially classical education)
    Science (degree in biology)
    Science and faith (raised a missionary kid in Nicaragua)

    (I sent the first email prematurely)

    Rick Johnson
    Albuquerque, NM

  3. Jimena

    I have strong writing skills. I am keen on web communication tools. I live in Argentina am I have a great knowledge on the latin american market . I can send examples any time. Thanks.

    Licenciada en Comunicación Social Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora GRADUADA
    Master en Relaciones Econónicas Internacionales (UNLaM) (en curso)
    Licenciatura en Relaciones Pùblicas (3er año)

  4. Skeeze Whitlow

    I have a friend in Argentina. He’s some kind of a Minister of BigShotism in Buenes Aires. He has 3 Beautiful children and a lovely wife.

    I have a lot of stories.

    I should go to Argentina.

  5. Felice

    I would like to know if you will now accept new writers or assist those who need your help since it is now 2010?


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