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  • It was 2004. I was 17 years old. I had enrolled in a “Graphic Arts” class in Central California. As a part of the class, I had learned to use Photoshop and expanded on my knowledge of Dreamweaver. Near the end of the semester, shortly before my 18th birthday, I got my first web development… Read More »

  • Back in 2009, while I was on my way home from a trip to visit family, I was struggling with a marketing problem – trying to figure out how to build an effective landing page. I prayed about it and I was blessed with a marketing revelation that, while simple and to the point, has… Read More »

  • After several months of work and delays, I’m happy to present a brand new tutorial for WordPress 2.x. This particular tutorial is an update from my original, written nearly 2 years ago, for WordPress 1.5. Take a look and be sure to let me know what you think! : ) Link: How To Build A… Read More »

  • While browsing through my visitor referrals this morning, I noticed that a large number of unique visitors are making their way over to my little site from Google Images. A quick look at bandwidth usage shows that the majority of visitors are just looking for images to leech for MySpace profiles, etc, which I don’t… Read More »