Post Status

10 years ago, my wife and I, along with our year old son, pulled up to a building just outside of Oklahoma City. My new friend, Cory Miller, had invited us to stop by the iThemes office.

As an entrepreneur falling in love with WordPress, I was impressed with what Cory and his team built together. BackupBuddy had become an essential part of my developer workflow and it kept getting better.

What impressed me more, though, was Cory as a person. From our first meeting, and through each interaction in the years that followed, Cory was the same – genuine, other-centered, giving. He shared insight and perspective freely, and stayed approachable.

When I left Automattic earlier this year, Andrea Middleton encouraged me to reconnect with Cory and explore opportunities together.

Cory is awesome. I love what he’s built over the years. I love the consistent value he delivers and his approach to working in collaboration. As we started talking, our aligned experiences and shared philosophies coalesced.

Cory shared his vision for Post Status. I loved it and I wanted in.

And now we’re working together! I’ve joined the team at Post Status, where I’ll be working on partnerships.

We’re also starting a consulting practice together, focused on helping WordPress businesses grow.

As Cory says, “Summiting isn’t a solo act. Great summits take a team.”

I’m excited to join the Post Status team and look forward to the magic we’ll make, together.

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