Creating Great Client Relationships – Creating Clients Episode #2

In this week’s episode I pick up from last week, recap the four steps in creating great client relationships, then explore the first step – connecting – in greater detail. I review the three principles of connection and share several examples from my own experience.

Episode Highlights

  • A connection is the intentional first spark of a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Place a high value on the connection, the relationship and let your motive be service. Ask yourself, “How can I be of help? What can I do to make their lives (their business) better?”
  • Connection requires conscious, directed effort. Listen intentionally. Take notes. Be 100% engaged.
  • Great relationships take time. Don’t rush anything. Don’t be quick to talk about prices.. Ask questions, listen.. Take as much time as needed. It’s worth it.

Special Thanks

  • Joshua Wold – For the great cover art!
  • Joslyn Wold (my wife) – For keeping the house quiet while I recorded (no easy task with a 1-year-old girl who’s teething!).

Next Steps

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8 thoughts on “Creating Great Client Relationships – Creating Clients Episode #2

  1. Dave

    Hey great podcast (feel free to make them longer, my ride home is almost an hour lol)! So I’m on the fence about starting out with freelancing, and the biggest thing holding me back is the idea of finding (or should I say creating) clients. What I’m wondering is if you can go over some ideas for places to meet these people that you build your relationships with. Do you go to networking meetings (something like BNI for example)? Chamber meetings? Any other ideas?


    1. Jonathan Wold

      Hey Dave! Thanks for the feedback! I suspect they’ll get longer with time ;).

      Great question. The short answer is “everywhere”. My experience with networking events is limited. I’ve been able to make some good connections (that did lead to a great client) in a small local networking event.

      I tell you what.. I took down some notes yesterday and I’d like to do an “ideas” podcast to explore specifics further. I’ll plan to tackle it next week. Stay tuned : ).

  2. Win

    Great podcast…..if you can tell more about exact conversation with client when you meet them first time , or your emails to clients first time that will be great !


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