How To Write Proposals Via Email – Creating Clients Episode #4

In this episode we start with a recap of episode #3 (How To Start Conversations With Potential Clients) and then dive right in to the two principles of writing proposals via email. Then we look at the 7 elements of a proposal and explore each element in detail.

Episode Highlights

  • Anything that can be misunderstood will be. Work hard to make sure that the details of your proposal are as clear as possible. Keep context and the knowledge-level of the decision maker in mind.
  • Less is best. While working to include all the important details work just as hard to cut out anything that’s not really needed. Keep the process, your recommendations, and the “next steps” you suggest as simple as possible.

Episode Notes

First off, here’s the outline for your review:

  1. Introduction – Make a personal connection.
  2. Objectives – Your re-stated understanding of their objectives
  3. Recommendations – Based on the objectives.
  4. Scope – Based on the recommendations.
  5. Price – Based on the scope, with options as applicable.
  6. Timeline – Based on the scope and time constraints on your end / theirs.
  7. Next Steps – Your conclusion and guidance on the next steps.

Next are the examples I shared during the episode.


Example #1

Hi Robert!

Good afternoon to you! Thank you for your time and the additional details you’ve provided. They’ve been very helpful and I’m excited about the opportunity to work with you!

Example #2

Hello George!

It’s getting colder here in North Idaho and as beautiful as our winters are I’m going to miss the summer. Thank you for that link you sent over – there sure are some beautiful places to visit there in Florida. Enjoy the winter!


Based on our conversations so far I understand that your objectives with this project are as follows…


With those objectives in mind, here’s what I recommend be done..


With those objectives in mind here’s the scope of work I suggest we focus on together..

Next Steps

Do my recommendations, the scope of work, the price, and timeline sound like a match for your needs? If so, I’m looking forward to working with you! The next step is to let me know which package you’d like to start with and, from there, we’ll schedule a start date and I’ll send an invoice your way for the initial deposit.

If you have any questions or if you’d like to go over any of the items in more detail just let me know. I look forward to hearing from you!

Example Proposal

The following example is loosely adapted from an actual proposal I worked with one of my students to prepare. Enjoy!

Hi William!

I was talking to my wife last night and I realised where I know you from! We met you at the Georgetown small business meet-up back in August. It’s great to connect with you again!

Based on our conversation yesterday I understand that your objectives for this project are as follows:

  1. Keep things simple
  2. Get up and running as quickly as possible (you’ve already been waiting awhile)
  3. Keep the costs down in the beginning

Based on my understanding of your objectives I recommend the following:

  • WordPress Theme – WordPress is a highly popular tool that offers high quality designs (called “themes”) that look great and are optimized for mobile devices from the beginning. I recommend we choose a theme and implement some very basic customizations (adding in your logo, customizing the color scheme, etc)
  • Google Places Optimization – Using WordPress puts you on a good foundation for SEO. Building on that, I recommend that we start small and optimize your business listing on Google Places, which helps to ensure that your business shows up for local search results.
  • (Optional) Content Development / Photography – For all sites good content is the key to helping customers make the decision to contact you. I can schedule an interview to get all the relevant information from you and then write the content for the website on your behalf. I would also work with you to schedule a photo shoot to add high quality photos of your work / equipment / yourself to the website, which goes a long way towards increasing credibility.

As far as pricing goes, here’s what I can do:

  • Website + Google Places Optimization – $2500
  • Content Development / Photography Session – $1000
  • Website Maintenance – $1500/year – Includes free hosting + domain registration and unlimited minor updates throughout the year.

If budget allows, I recommend going with all three items (total cost $5000 for the first year, then $1500 thereafter). If you want to keep costs as tight as possible in the beginning you can provide your own content / photos and I can give you instructions on how to setup your own website hosting and register your domain, plus a short guide on making updates to your site.

As far as schedule goes, the good news is that by keeping things simple we’re able to cut down on time by quite a bit. Depending on which route you go I’d expect to have the project completed and online within 3-4 weeks.

Does that sound like a match for your needs? If so, just let us know whether you’d like to go with the whole package ($5000) or if you’d like to just go for the Websites + Google Places Optimization ($2500) and handle part or all of the rest yourself.

I look forward to hearing back from you!

Jonathan Wold

And there you have it! Notice that it’s simple yet conveys the relevant details and offers a clear path for decision making.

I have many more actual examples where that came from and I’d love to share them with you! Be sure to take a look at my new product / service opening today on

Next Steps

Share your questions / thoughts in the comments below or connect with me via email at I look forward to hearing from you!