Continuity Programs and Membership Websites!

Well now there’s a mouthful! ;).. Continuity Programs and Membership Sites revolve around the same idea, you pay a certain amount on a consistent basis (usually monthly) and in exchange, you get access to a service.

I’ve become fascinated with them lately! Starting with recommendations from my new friend Bo Bang’s site, I’ve signed up for one subscription service already. The first site I joined is called ReadyMadeContent (That’s my affiliate link :). For $15 a month each member is given access to between 100-150 new, completely original, content articles on a WIDE range of topics and.. as if that wasn’t enough, you can even suggest your own!

I was sold and I’ve been very very happy thus far! Not only am I getting high quality content for my niche websites, I’m getting an extra little motivation to keep busy! When you start paying out money each month, it keeps you thinking about where that money is going and when you’re thinking about it.. those thoughts can lead to action.

And that’s one of the great strengths of paid continuity programs. When each member is paying up every month to be a part of it, they have incentive to apply the things they’re being given access to and make the most of them!

I’m really enjoying this thus far and learning a lot!

If anyone has any recommendations for some good programs to check out, especially on the topic of ‘niche marketing’, let me know! Be sure to share your affiliate link ;).

And on that.. its been a really good day! I’m heading off to bed now.

Goodnight World! Sleep Well!

-Jonathan Wold