Converting to MSN?

Oh horror of horrors.. how can it be? A devout google fan for nigh on 2 years now and I’m starting to lean towards MSN’s new beta search and the new desktop search? This is incredible!

I’m not about to become a ‘Microsoft’ only convert.. what’s got me going right now is results. Other than the really handy page rank viewer (which is still important to me) there isn’t a big reason for me to keep using the Google toolbar.

I’m getting ready to give the new MSN Desktop Search a try and I’ll let you guys know how that goes compared to Google. Since I’m using Outlook, integration is very important with me, so I’ll be very curious to see how that works out!

Matt and I will continue talking about this in the future.. I’m still a solid google fan, but its quite hard to ignore the results I’ve been getting with MSN’s beta search. We’ll see how things turn up.

One of the COOLEST things I find about all this is that MSN is ACTIVELY listening to its users. They’re running blogs and newsgroups AND, they’re really paying attention. We’ll see if they take some of my suggestions.. when I make them ;).

Alright, enough for now.. If you wanna check it out, click the nice little picture below :).

In other news..

Today was a really cool day.. I went down to the beach! Yup.. Aimee let me borrow her bike and I went off for a nice multi-mile ride through Venice and Santa Monica! THAT was a ton of fun.. even if the bike was purple and soo not a guy’s bike.. hehe :P. I got a bunch of excersise and got a really good feel for the sites.. I look forward to going back!

I did a bunch of work on today.. that was really cool :).

And finally, got my room a bit more situated! The drum set went out and we put a futon which doubles as a bed on in.. Now I have a bed annnd.. its calling me! Time for sleeep young one!

Off I go :)

Goodnight world!


Daily Action Step:

Checking out the beach and getting my bed setup :)