Crazy long day and planning!

Today was, by all measures, quite a good day. I’m feeling much better. My nose isn’t quite as runny and my voice is slowly coming back to Normal. . hehe.. no more playing jokes over the telephone for me ;).

Amae and I went shopping today! She’s only got a few days left before she heads off to Bali, leaving me here on my own for about a week and a half before I head out to my next destination! We went over to Trader Joe’s and stocked up on 2 weeks supply of food.. wow! I’ve been spoiled on so much incredible food!.. And amazingly, I’m learning to cook!

After things calmed down and it was later in the evening, we set time aside and made a list of ALL the things that MUST be done before she goes. I’ve got a biiig ‘ole list of things with my name on ’em for tomorrow.. and its good to know what needs to be done. Her list isn’t too much shorter.. hehehe.. It’s exciting, watching everything finally come together.

Amae’s gonna buy me a new pair of shoes! She said to look around, do some research, and have my pick! I’m gonna take her up on that tomorrow evening after work.. hehe!

Alright, alright.. so.. the last day of the event..

Well, I think it was definitely one of the best. A LOT of stuff happened for me on that last day. I met even more people.. I gave out all of the business cards I had.. I got to hear some really good stuff from Jay Abraham and I got to watch as people’s thoughts and ideas were being transformed right there on the spot.

I’m gonna share one of the key secrets I learned on the last day of the event.. Jay Abraham’s secret to using a billion dollar business to help you write copy.. for free! I’ll call it:

The Amazon Way

Dramatic, yes? Did you know that using to help you write brilliant sales copy is one of the best kept marketing secrets? Well.. at least it was! So, without giving it all away.. here’s the trick:

Let’s say you’ve been assigned to write copy for a client who has a book they’re wanting to sell. The book falls into the personal fitness category and you’re looking for ideas on how to write some amazing copy.

So, here’s what you do..

  1. Head on over to – Yup, first you’ve gotta get there ;).
  2. Find a similiar category – Looking for ideas for your fitness book? Head on over to the “Personal Fitness” category in the book section.
  3. Start reading! – This is where it gets good. First start by reading the editorial reviews. Sometimes you can get some good ideas from them. Then.. the really good stuff. Start pouring over the reader reviews! Here you find stuff written by people who either loved the book, or hated it. Pay close attention to the language they use.. WHY did they love it? What connected them to it? What did they like most about it? These are the things that you’re going to want to use in your copy.. These are how you want to get them to connect to YOUR product.

So what’s that all about? That little “trick” is a way of seeing what sells. Its a way of seeing how things are working and how they’re not. Sure, you’ll get some lousy reviews here and there, maybe some people who are just messing around.. and then there are the gems. You get to see the people who really and truly CARE about something, whether it be for or against the product, they really care. You get to see why they care.. you get to see what makes them tick. You don’t just have to guess :).

Alright, so there’s some advice on writing copy! *grins*.. I’m going to be focusing a lot more on that in April during my next “internship”.. I’m looking forward to it!

Goodnight World :)

-Jonathan Wold

Highlight of my day:

I had the greatest variety of salad I have EVER had in my ENTIRE life.. Amae took me to a salad bar and I had over 30 different vegetables in ONE salad! WOW! And it tasted awesome! =D