Crazy long day

Yeah, its been one of those.

I got a LOT done today! I finished a full blog integration for Amae and I even wrote a tutorial on it. Check it out at:

Inspired by my good friend Jordan (check his blog at I decided to upload some of the music I’ve composed awhile back on over at Check that out here:

AND.. something I’m very proud of..

I finished all of my finances for 2005! May not seem like a big deal, but it was for me! I have ALL my income and expenses for the year logged and stored away. I’ve made a killer excel template for it that works AND looks good.. I’ll be uploading that later if anyone is interested in checking it out.

See.. my challenge was that I was NOT looking for just a way to “budget” my income and expenses. I simply wanted a way of getting a solid overview of my financial situation! I wanted to be able to see, at a glance, where the money was coming from, where it was going, when it was going, how much I had.. all that good stuff.. I couldn’t find one so I MADE one :).

Anyone interested?

Wow, just a few days left.. got lots of work to do tomorrow..

I had an interview with Mitch Keeler of today.. We did an audio interview for his Web Hosting Show. I’ll link ya guys up when its live.

Maan.. so much to do :). Time to get some rest! Got a CRAZY next few days before I take off!

Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold

Highlight of my day:

Finishing up and sending out over 30 followup emails I’d been holding off on.. and.. DOING MY FINANCES! :)