Distressed Jeans

Kids these days.. *chuckles*.. I remember not too long ago, when I was a crazy 9 year old (wow, 10 years ago, yikes!) wearing myy distressed jeans. And yup.. I made them myself. Only, if someone had asked me what my “secret” was, I woulda looked confused. “I play outside a lot?”.. Yeah, frays, cuts, bleach marks, grass stains and all, I had some really original jean art and I didn’t even know it. I shoulda hung onto those, but alas.. they’ve long retired to who knows wear and probably still smell a bit much like the outdoors.

Logging onto my Google start page this morning, I was greeted by the ‘How To’ of the day, which promised to teach me how to make distressed jeans. Well, I just can’t pass that up.. Perhaps they’ve learned something new since I was a kid and all we had were rocks, trees, fields, and lots of grass to work with. The thought also occured to me that the jeans could perhaps be emotionally or psychologically distressed.. Not likely ;).

So, I checked it out, and well.. Here, according to wikiHow.com is How to Make Distressed Jeans:

  1. Place a block of wood (or some other solid surface that you don’t mind possibly damaging) within the pant leg or denim region you want to distress.
  2. Rub a steak knife vertically or horizontally against area of denim that you would like to distress. Rub gently for mild distress; rub longer and more vigorously to create more visible distress (such as holes and tears).
  3. Fray jeans by rubbing sandpaper around pockets, knees, hemlines, or any other area of denim that you would like to have a soft, worn appearance.
  4. Dampen a sponge with bleach and rub it around the outer edges of holes for a faded look.
  5. Wash your jeans.
  6. Wear your newly stylish distressed jeans.

Feel thou enlightened! If you want some advanced tips on distressing your jeans, you’ll have to check it out on eHow yourself. And if you haven’t checked out eHow yet, we’ll.. you owe yourself that anyway :). Go and see by checking out:

wikiHow.com – The How-To Manual That Anyone Can Write or Edit

Well that was fun.. *grins*.. No, I haven’t tried it yet, but I’d love to hear about anyone who has! Drop me a comment and show off your distressed jeans.. Extra points for grass stains ;).

-Jonathan Wold