Down with a sore throat

Blehhh its been a nasty fight! Went to bed last night feeling quite lousy and woke up this morning with one of the worst sore throats I’ve had in years. I’ve been fighting it all day with some POWERFUL herbal stuff, thanks to Amae. Its now just a dull soreness in my throat.. my voice is really funny too.. my body has a general achiness about it, quite uncool.

..and SO.. with all that out of the way and me starting to get better.. I’ve gotta tell you guys about the past 3 days!!

This event was the best I’ve ever gone too!

This event was completely focused on DOING.. It was called Cracking the Code and was hosted by Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen, both New York Times best sellers. They said that nobody was going to be allowed to leave until they had made money! Most events are all about teaching you something and then upselling you on products in the back.. this event was ALL about doing things.. getting out there, stepping outside of your comfort zones, trying something new, and DOING. Definitely my kind of event :).

On the first day we had a headline writing “contest”. They taught us the basics and then gave everyone some time to write their headline, then revise it, share it with a few people, and get ready for the next step. Now here’s the cool part.. alll around the room we had HUGE pieces of paper stickied to the walls. Each one had a number on it. At their command, everyone went for a piece of paper and wrote their headline on it.

I made a beeline for the front door of the room and got my headline right up where everyone could see it.. *grins*.. My headline was:

“Find out if your website is alienating an 180 Billion Dollar Industry – In 5 minutes or less”

Then they had everyone get up and go around the room, reading all the headlines, and choosing 20 of the ones that got their attention. They then signed the ones they liked and at the very end, all of the headlines were tallied up and the scores were shown.

They decided to pick the top 20. They showed the bottom 5, and I was expecting that any chance I had of making it was gone.. so I relaxed. Relaxed? Yeah.. amazingly, I was nervous! If I won I’d have to go up on stage and talk about my product! Then.. it happened.. the next 5 were shown and I was selected with over 60 votes! I then had to go on stage and talk for one minute about my product.

I choked. The first 30 seconds were ok.. I explained why accessability was so important.. and then I left out a very important part.. I didn’t tell them what Iii had to offer them. Robert said I’d done a good job and I made my way off stage.

It was a very good experience for me. For a few moments while I was up there, I WAS relaxed and I know that speaking is something I will SO be able to do.. I simply lacked the experience and I let my fear choke me. Next time I’ll do much much better :).

Paulie Sabol and Donna Fox, two good friends and mentors of mine, both did EXTREMELY well with their headlines and 1 minute speeches, landing them 1st and 2nd place. They were rocking :). I was very proud of them!

After a few more hours, the event was over.. They set everyone up with a free account on and began showing everyone how to sell stuff on eBay. Mark and Bob put together a package of their books and tickets to an event, worth well over a thousand dollars, and sold it to us with full resale rights for only $25 dollars!! So people got setup and began to sell :).

I gave out a number of my business cards and they were a complete success. People loved ’em! :) They loved ’em and they’re going to remember them. I also realized that I have a LOT of work to do on my personal site, hehee.. gotta get things going!

Alright, me is very sick so me shall go sleep now.. tomorrow I will share some of what I learned and the things that happened on day 2! Goodnight world!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Getting work done on Amae’s site even while feeling VERY sick.. :)