Entrepreneurs and Surf Boards

While listening in on a call announcing an internet marketing event I’m attending in September of this year, I heard an awesome little analogy I just had to share with you guys.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is a lot like surfing.

First, you’re out there in the water. You’re lying on your board, floating out in the waves, bobbing up and down. The day crawls on and there you are, just bobbing away, up and down with each wave. Hour after hour, wave after wave, there you are, just bobbing away. What’s going on? Aren’t you supposed to be surfing?

So, what do you have to do?

Well, if you’re going to surf, the first thing that you must do is point yourself in the right direction. You have to get your hands in the water and turn your board. You have to prepare yourself for that wave.

And then what? Another wave comes and there you are, still just bobbing up and down. What’s going on? AHH yes, that’s right.. we have to paddle!

You work those arms and start paddling! As the wave begins to take off you throw your energy into it and go! Yeah, its a lot of hard work and your arms may get tired, but as you crawl up on the board, stand up, and fly down that wave, its worth it. You made it. And as you glide into shore, the wind in your face and the wave of success beneath your feet, you know it was worth it.

Being an entrepreneur is a lot like that.. Each wave that comes along is an opportunity. Each wave is another chance to take our business or personal life to the next level. Wave after wave goes past us, and all to often, for whatever reason, we’re satisfied to just bob up and down in the water, waiting for a wave to take us on its own.

AH, but now we know better. First, we have to point ourselves towards our goal, we have to point ourselves towards that shoreline. And then? We have get our hands in the water and start working! You don’t ride the wave until you’ve put the work into getting up on it.

Another important lesson to point out is that of momentum. The act of paddling is the act of creating momentum. You have to do something to get it going, but once you’ve done that, it begins to build, until you are riding on the momentum of a giant wave, all the way to your success. You must do something to start that momentum, it won’t just pick you up and take you with it unless you’re pointing in the right direction and actively paddling towards it.

And that’s all for now.. I’m off to finish my paddling for the night and ride the wave :). Next time.. Snowboarding!

Goodnight World :)

-Jonathan Wold